Best Islands for Moms


An incredible, fun-filled adventure awaits mothers in the Caribbean. Boasting a collection islands to choose from, the Caribbean has some of the best places for moms to relax, unwind or enjoy the tropical scenes. From Tobago to Jamaica the islands have a unique allure that moms will love to spend a few days on. A fabulous way to treat mom for Mother’s Day, an anniversary or a special getaway, is to take her on a Caribbean trip. She will appreciate the wide variety of attractions waiting for her to enjoy.

Moms will enjoy the beauty of Jamaica as this vibrant island is filled with entertaining exploits. Moms can venture across the waters on a cruise around the island while viewing the exotic beauty of the water with its marine life. If your mom is a reggae lover she will love the Bob Marley tour along the island’s north coast, with stops in his hometown while listening to Bob’s timeless music.

Snorkeling or sailing adventures in Tobago will provide a relaxing setting for moms to enjoy their Caribbean vacation. Moms will love sailing on the breathtaking coastlines of Tobago to get lost in the maze of tropical scenery. Moms can snorkel through the warm waters while enjoying the soca beats of the island, while on the beach; mom can relax while soothing the soul with a fruity cocktail.

Tobago © by Dominic Sayers

Jamaica © by 04deveni

Every mom deserves a vacation in St. Lucia where the beautiful rainforest, sun, sand, and beaches provide the perfect haven to relax. St. Lucia is best for taking a hike to the lovely Pitons, which noticeably rise to 2600-feet from the charming waters edged with colorful reefs. Visit the towns of Caribelle and Bagshaws for a once in a lifetime scenic view that overlooks the capital city of Castries and the deep blue sea beyond.

St. Lucia © by Loimere

It is better in the Bahamas for moms, the islands will captivate mothers with its lovely array of fun things to do and see. Moms will be enthralled with the beauty of each island as they enjoy a day at the beach. Moms will love Nassau city as it is filled with lively shops, delectable restaurants and to explore Atlantis, where moms can relax by the beautiful pools or enjoy a visit to the aquarium. A place where moms bond and make new friends while enjoying a cocktail party, Bahamas is great for moms.

The Bahamas © by TreyDanger

A mom’s paradise, Antigua has lots of fantastic colonial buildings, ruins and lovely spots for a mesmerizing spa treatment.
Antigua goes beyond your expectations as it lures moms to a paradise destination where dreams come true. Everything on the island is 20-minutes away; take a scenic tour to Nelson’s Dockyard to bask in the beauty of old world charm with a view. Enjoy a barbecue with live music playing along the dockyard’s range of bar. Sample extraordinary fruits such as the popular black Antiguan pineapple at the market.

Antigua © by Loimere

The Caribbean offers moms the ultimate tropical destination experiences, as it brings together a unique and beautiful way to have fun on the islands.