Best Fishing Vacations


Whether you are fishing professionally or for fun, you can have the best fishing adventure in waters of the Caribbean. Go fishing in the Caribbean, as there are so many wonderful fish spots to enjoy in the region. A Caribbean fishing vacation will take you to the islands of Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Antigua or Belize.

There is not a lot of variety from island to island as far as fishing vacations goes, however if you wish to take a Caribbean fishing vacation the possibilities are endless. Prices may vary, but in the islands of Antigua or Puerto Rico, fishing vacation offers some of the cheapest Caribbean deep sea fishing in the region. Most fishing tours are done in half or full day trips, though if you are a true fishing buff you can spend the entire day on the seas.
Best Fishing Vacations

With all those tropical fishes out there, waiting to give you a fight, your challenge may be a magnificent blue marlin that can weigh up to 1,100lb, a giant blue-fin tuna weighing up to 1,000lb or a swift and persistent Wahoo, swordfish, or sailfish that can do battle standing on its huge spiny fin. Closer to the inshore of the islands you will find barracuda, bonefish, kingfish, mackerel, tarpon, amberjack, grouper and snapper. This will and adventure you will never forget as you come back each afternoon with a boat full of fish.

It’s not hard to have a great fishing vacation in the Caribbean, all you need to do is to hir or charter a boat with crew to help you navigate through these waters. Or before you book ask your hotel about fishing tours available and book one.  Your also consider joining the local fishermen onthier daily routines out to sea, they will guide you to amazing spots surroundings the islands. The island of Antigua is one of the favourite hot spots for fishing vaction in the Caribbean as it has many lovely hords to dock from anywhere on the island. The beautiful Nelson’s Dockyard is the ideal place to start your adventures. But if you are a beginner and do not know the waters of Antigua well, you will find boats for hire or a number of sailing tours designed specifically with you in mind.

All you need to do is charter a boat of reasonable quality and you should have no problem ridding the ocean with a crew, modern equipment, bait, and a captain who will guide you to the best fishing spots on the island. While half-day trips are usually available, full-day charters gives you the best chance for a big catch, because the boat can reach waters that are rarely fished, making your fishing vacation in the Caribbean most rewarding.

You can catch the little stuff at home, but it’s the Caribbean deep sea fishing that brings you to this region. The finest catches of any Caribbean fishing vacation can be found nearly anywhere. And if, you want to add more thrill to your fishing vacation, you can enter one of the local tournaments, which caters for beginners as well as internationally famous anglers.