Best Caribbean Beaches


A great beach is define as being filled with warm sunshine, lovely white powdery sands and beautiful turquoise waters, with nicely fragrant sea breezes. Every island in the Caribbean boasts some of the most exceptional beaches to be found any where in the world. Looking for that perfect tan there are more than
7, 000 islands in the Caribbean with their lovely cays and coves that are dotted across the blue waters like glittering gems to choose from. Travel to the Caribbean and visit any of their pristine beaches for sunbathing or doing your favorite water sport activity.

The Caribbean has more than its fare share of amazing beaches, and when it comes to finding the perfect stretch of sand sprinkled with coconut palms while others are in the backdrop of rugged cliffs. Enjoy the beaches where you can swim or take wonderful photos of the panoramic scenery and collect some marvelous sea shells.

Caribbean island beaches are a distinctive set of treasure, where swimming is generally safe. Part of the fun of visiting the Caribbean beaches is discovering or finding hidden treasures along the shore lines that make you want to come again and again. Here are some choices you can consider:

The Little Bay in Anguilla, this small half moon shaped beach, is protected by cliffs and gives an atmosphere that is peaceful and perfect for snorkeling and sunbathing.

The famous pink sandy beach on the islet of Eleuthera Island, in The Bahamas is one of the most well liked beaches of the world. This three miles of natural beauty is mixed with fine coral sand and beautiful turquoise waters.

The Baths Beach in the British Virgin Islands is to die for, with palms lining the shores, the deep pinkish grey sands and peppermint green waters, invites you to dive in. This beach is lovely all year round for swimming and snorkeling.

The Crane Beach in Barbados is an amazingly soft white sandy beach that features sapphire waters, which hugs the daunting cliffs and is protected by a natural coral reef.

While the beaches in Placencia in Belize, offers laid-back coastline with about 16 miles of unspoilt sandy beaches along a narrow and long stretch of landscape. Where you can lie ideally on the sand, or partake in various water sports, such as diving, fishing and scuba diving.

The Caribbean is apparently endless with its array of beaches; you can get started on your journey by booking the next flight out and discover why the Caribbean is so famous.