Best Adventure Vacation Ideas Treasure Beach


treasure-beach-jamaicaThis is the place to relax in a little piece of tropical paradise, Treasure Beach is a quiet seaside town in the southern Jamaica, in the parish of St. Elizabeth. The beaches are not as beautiful as the ones on the north coast, but its untamed beauty provides a rustic atmosphere to enjoy an adventurous holiday on the island.

Take the off-beaten path to Treasure Beach for a bit of authentic, charming and relaxing spot in Jamaica. Treasure Beach is a series of small fishing villages along a string of bays: Great Bay, Calabash Bay, Frenchman’s Bay and Billy’s Bay. In Treasure Beach you will notice its striking difference from other region of the island. You also find an exceedingly friendly set of locals that will help you with whatever you need. Boasting six miles of sandy beaches (some with black sand), private coves, and rugged shorelines, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or surfing on the beach.

Treasure beach offer an opportunity to learn about the island's vibrant culture and rich history from the people who live there. A great place for adventurous day trip for sightseeing, exploring, and much more, Treasure Beach also offer unparalleled sunsets, fabulous and cozy accommodations, a vacation of fun, relaxation and to escape from all of the hustle and hassle of the big resort areas.

The bay beaches are separated by rocky cliffs where crabs scamper in the tide pools. You will also see an assortment of small sea creatures, fish, dolphins and sometimes manatees from the cliffs. While the Moray eels and thorny lobsters hide in the coves of the rugged cliffs and nearby reefs. Treasure Beach is ideal for long walks to view the isolated beauty, golden sunsets and the gentle rhythm of waves caressing your toes.  For more adventurous walks, explore the hills beyond Treasure Beach where the roads climb to Southfield and Malvern towns.

Treasure Beach1On a clear day, you can capture the amazing coastline for as far as the eye can see, as well as small caves where the campus of Munro College sits. This school is an old English boarding school for boys where students will show you around and amuse you with the tales of 'Spooner' and other legends dating back to the days of slavery.

For a change of pace, hop on a boat to view the spectacular coastline of Jamaica’s south coast, where you can enjoy the dramatic views of the Pedro Cays and Lover’s Leap. The beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains which creates a perfect backdrop as it gently floats to the sea. After your tours, unwind and visit the House of Treasures to buy homemade calabash crafts, hand woven baskets, and other fantastic items, to remember your time in Treasure Beach.

Treasure1Later, indulge in a mouth-watering seafood dinner on the beach, followed by an unforgettable star-gazing view along the shores.