Best Adventure Vacation Ideas Boston Bay


Boston BayBoston Bay Jamaica is where delicious jerk meals join with a fantastic stretch of coastline in Portland to provide a haven of pure adventures and relaxation. Boston Bay is a rock bay that embraces the roaring waves for surfing and where the original jerk stands. Boston Bay is located about 10-miles east of Port Antonio, halfway between Port Antonio and Long Bay as the beach offer a wide range of water sports and activities for you to enjoy. Savor the Jamaican fare, as this is the place where the famous jerk seasoning originated from.

Boston Bay offers some of the best adventures you could ever have on your Jamaican vacation. While there you will find gorgeous white sandy beaches with crystal blue waters surrounded by amazing tropical foliage. Boston Bay provides a perfect dose of local culture, it is a place where you can enjoy windsurfing, surfing, and kayaking, while listening to the pulsating reggae and dance hall music. The huts along the beach serve icy cold tropical beverages to include the famous Red Stripe Beer. Do not bother to pack food, as part of the unforgettable experience of Boston Bay is enjoying the perfectly seasoned jerk meals available at every stop.

boston-bay1Stroll along the beach to see the picturesque views with rugged cliffs and tall palm trees. Boston Bay, Portland is a great place for families and couples to enjoy the pristine beauty of the parish. You will also discover that there are plenty accommodations, including all-inclusive hotels, as well as a good variety of bars and restaurants nearby where you can enjoy music, food, and tropical beverages. These are not on the beach, but are within five miles of the beach.

The sands shine with golden tones and the waves beckons you to take a dip, grab a surfboard and take a lesson in wind surfing, or venture further out to some great snorkeling sites. Perfect for you and your family to enjoy and taste the delights of seclusion in Jamaica, as Boston Bay is just the right spot.