Barefoot Luxury in the Bahamas


Barefoot Luxury in the BahamasWhen it comes to barefoot luxury travel, Bahamas is where you want to be. Offering limitless choices for a different kind of vacation plan, the islands of Bahamas is just the place to go. Barefoot luxury in the Bahamas offers eco-friendly resorts where the lodgings are made of wooden cottages while providing both stylish and plain settings. Travel to one of these fabulous islands to spend a few days in one of the best Caribbean barefoot luxury you will ever have.

Sprawling across miles and miles of pristine beauty, the islands of Bahamas offer luxury travel resorts that surround you with beautiful flora, sandy beaches while the relaxing atmosphere provides the comforts of a friendly environment. Barefoot luxury in the Bahamas offers everything as it provide the right remedy for families, couples and singles to have a grand time on the islands.

Explore the island of Andros in the Bahamas and relax in comfort in one of the eco-friendly resorts. Andros Island is one of the few destinations in the Bahamas that houses a wonderful barefoot luxury option for you to enjoy. Pure to its nature, Andros Island offers a well-refined ambiance that will take you away with its appealing backdrop of a total natural setting. Of all the Bahamian islands, Andros is the least known and for this reason its secret of being the ideal place for your barefoot holidays will lure you to a charming choice of Caribbean travels.

While most of the Bahamas islands are very secluded, all of them are great for luxury Caribbean vacations. Boasting plenty grounds to have loads of fun, you can experience the warm sunny days in relaxing comfort. Some of the best features of these resorts are the open-air porches and ceiling fans rather than standard air conditioning. You don't even have to worry about the heat, because most of these resorts are created with climate control for an enjoyable time.  

Many islands in the Bahamas offer urban attractions to tempt you with its beauty and privacy. Take a barefoot holiday to any of these unique Bahamian Islands and have fun on your luxury vacation. Cat Island, San Salvador or Exuma Islands are just a few of the destinations that you can book your barefoot luxury vacation. These islands with rocky shores and a maze of refreshing streams, creates a Caribbean holiday like no other as you nestled among comfortable retreats.

Most barefoot luxury resorts in the Bahamas are only accessible by boat. And staying true to its laid-back settings you can have the idyllic retreat that is unparallel in splendor and quietness. With amenities such as huge canopy beds, hand-painted signs, outdoor showers and rustic walls with a safari-chic designs, your place of choice will provide the perfect theme of a luxury Caribbean resort while the funky ambiance pampers your every need.

Beyond the beauty and real magnificence of the islands, you can see yourself sitting on a verandah enjoying the lovely views of nature and stunning beaches. The islands of the Bahamas are indeed a wonder to behold while you plan your next vacation trip to the Caribbean.