Baie-Mahault Guadeloupe is one of the few Caribbean islands that dwell on its rich African and French heritage. Baie-Mahault is the second most populated community on the Basse-Terre Island. The community is also known as the land of the mangroves. This is where you will see plenty of mangroves in their natural habitat in Guadeloupe. On the other hand, Baie-Mahault is the most built-up community of all the islands and also boasts the largest industrial park in the Lesser Antilles.

Baie-Mahault or Mangrove Bay is situated in the district called Canton and it extends to an enormous plain to the northeastern Basse-Terre Island, where it meets the lovely Grande-Terre Island. The Baie-Mahault area is sets in marshlands that thrive on fertile lands to grow sugar cane. The mangrove swamps are just a few miles east at the Salt River, where the renowned city of Pointe-à-Pitre is located. Baie-Mahault experiences a lovely weather during the year, but the best time to visit is during the months of February to June, when the sun is not to hot and the strong Caribbean breeze tantalizes your face.

You’ll appreciate this once you try the island’s fine Creole cuisine. The food is definitely a highlight of Guadeloupe. The island certainly offers tropical beauty with its white beaches, gorgeous mountains, lush rainforests, bubbling volcanoes, rugged terrain, majestic waterfalls, and sugar and banana plantations, but so does most other islands in the Caribbean. Rather, Guadeloupe’s distinguishing point is its locally prepared food characterized by a blend of French and Creole ingredients and flavors, supplemented by the rum punch cocktails for which the island is famous.

There are only two hotels in Baie-Mahault, which provides you with adequate stays with a warm and pleasing hospitality. The two hotels are centrally located near and with the town of Baie-Mahault, so you may get around the town hassle free. At the end of the town is the old yet spectacular town hall, where most tours of the area usually start. A landing stage is located at the edge of the lagoon, for persons on excursions to the town.

The shopping center of Carrefour, located in Baie-Mahault, where you can buy French imported products such as cologne, perfumes, clothing, and food. It is the busiest and largest shopping center in the Lesser Antilles. The main sporting arena is a single velo-drome, which hosts many concerts with the appearance of Ray Charles, Al Jarreau and Lionel Richie.

Other noteworthy attractions are the sandy beach near Mahault Bay hat is protected by coral reefs; the Pointe Double is a lighthouse and a weather station and the Leprosarium was once the home of a leper that devastated the entire islands of Guadeloupe.

Baie-Mahault is small, but special with its great view of the mountain range at the north side of the road. Another interesting thing here is the fact that you clearly see the landscape changing towards the desert that lying just east from here. Whether you spend a day or a month in Guadeloupe, you will never get bored, with its wide contrast of unique blend of France and the tropics with a twist of African and East Indian heritage.

The islands of Guadeloupe flourish in natural beauty, from the bustling modern towns to charming, attractive villages; to rural patches of sugar cane to soaring mountain rainforests; to dry deserted islands to an underwater wonderland, you can be sure that in Guadeloupe there is always something for you to discover.