Art in the Caribbean Visiting the Right Museums


So, you are history buff who wants to visit the right museums in the Caribbean, to learn about the islands culture and vibrant artwork. Museums in the Caribbean offer you a way to learn more about the culture and history that help shape the islands. Plan your island getaway to tropical paradise to enjoy the exhibits while you understand deeply the Caribbean’s rich history and vibrant culture. Experience the Caribbean your own way as you visit as much museums you can find before you leave. But if you do not have the time, here are some that is worth visiting for a fabulous taste of Caribbean history.

Bob Marley Museum, Jamaica
The island of Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae; this means there is bound to be a museum dedicated to showcasing this amazing genre of music. Visit the Bob Marley Museum to learn and enjoy reggae music while viewing valuable pieces of Marley’s illustrious career. Located on Hope Road in Kingston, this museum is definitely worth your time, as you are guided through different eras in the reggae icon’s life while listening to the melodious sounds of his music. Also the museum was one Bob’s former home, so you will many of his keepsakes there and murals painted on the inner walls.

Kura Hulanda Museum, Curacao
Willemstad, Curacao is home to the wonderful Kura Hulanda Museum which is located in the right corner of the city’s harbor. The museum is an anthropological museum which exhibits the unique cultures of the island. While there you will see the history of the slave trade and Curacao’s part in it, Mesopotamian artifacts, Dutch artwork and paintings, pre-Colombian gold and West African empires on display. Guided tours are done in English, but you need to book in advance.

Museum of Haïtien Art, Haiti
The magnificent landscape of Haiti is filled with many wonderful things; one such is Museum of Haïtien Art. Another museum that is worth visiting as it displays a large collection of stunning art done by its people. Enjoy viewing the visual displays, as you pass by the old but exceptional wall paintings. Situated nearby the St. Pierre College in Port-au-Prince, this museum allows you to experience Haitian culture to truly peek into the interesting history of the island.

Museo de la Revolución, Cuba
A terrific start to your Cuban vacation, visit the former Presidential Palace that now houses the Museo de la Revolución. Completely built about 1920, this museum was where the famous Cuban president Fulgencio Batista once lived. Situated in Old Havana, Cuba, you can explore the beautiful décor with its glittering Room of Mirrors. A classic museum that displays Cuban history which focuses on pre-revolutionary Cuba, revolutionary era of 1950’s and the War of Independence against Spain. Behind the museum stands the Granma Memorial, this is a boat that carried Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries from Mexico to Cuba for the revolution.

Museo Alcázar de Colón, Dominican Republic
Step inside the Gothic style of Museo Alcázar de Colón that was once the home of Diego Columbus. Built in the 16th century this museum is located in Santo Doming, Dominica Republic and exhibits a collection of important pieces of late European medieval and Renaissance works of art. View the dramatic tapestry collection from the 15th and 17th centuries, to include the Flemish Van Den Hecke family pieces. Importantly the Alcázar is the most visited museum in Santo Domingo. Stroll through the over 50-rooms with vies if the gardens and courtyard.

Caribbean museums are amazingly unique as it offers the melting pot of the islands cultures. Boasting a diverse and rich history, each island has its own way of displays their collection of fine art. Visit any of them on your Caribbean and understand why the islands are so remarkable.