8 Great Places to Travel with Kids in the Caribbean


vacations with kidsThe Caribbean has many wonderful kid-friendly resorts and hot spots. This makes the islands great places to go on vacations with small children have a fun-filled trip. Most of these islands offer deals for kids to eat, play, and stay on your getaway. In addition to this, you will find lots of kids friendly activities for the children to part take in. So here are 8 great places for you to take your kids when visiting the Caribbean.

1. Jamaica

A perfect place for families to take vacations with small children the island of Jamaica offers many fun filled ventures that are waiting to be had. A vacation with kids to Jamaica will provides families with the ultimate experience imaginable for kids to have fun while adults will have a friendly atmosphere to just kick back and relax. Suitable for travel any time of the year, a kid’s vacation to Jamaica will put the entire family among the pristine settings of beautiful beaches and coastline for your kids to have a wide range of fun and adventures.

2. St. Lucia

Vacations with kids in St. Lucia will offer families a luxurious break on a tropical paradise. St. Lucia will let the kid’s tour and learn about the Pitons and provide the family with lots of opportunities to bask in the sun or the comfort of the great facilities for babies and toddlers. St. Lucia’s surroundings are very relaxed and friendly and your kids will love the fun activities in both water and land.

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3. The Bahamas

Every Caribbean island offers plenty of places to visit and beautiful scenery to explore, but in the Bahamas your kids will have many islands to explore on one trip. The Places for kids in the Bahamas provide an excellent range of kid’s friendly games and activities. Most of the island’s hotels offer special facilities for children, they will even provide also babysitting services in the evenings which will allow you to enjoy the most of these beautiful islands on your own.

4. Grand Cayman

The Grand Cayman is another great place to visit on your vacations with small children. A tropical island with outstanding natural features, you kids will enjoy a holiday of usual attractions during their visit to the island. The palm-fringed beaches and endless sunshine makes the Cayman Islands a remarkable natural beauty of sparkling waters for the entire family to explore and make some big waves. The kids will really love the adventures of snorkeling with stingrays and turtles which help them to create some unforgettable memories that will stay with them for a long time.

5. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic’s hospitality provides the perfect opportunity for you to have enjoyable vacations with kids in the Caribbean. A trip to this Caribbean island will let you have an experience you will not forget. Marked with a very rich history, Dominican Republic offers many accommodations options for you to stay. The family will also have lots of unique underwater grottos to explore and snorkeling along the pretty beach.

6. Cuba

The island of Cuba offers a wide variety of places for kids to explore on their family vacation to the Caribbean. With a diverse and beautiful landscape, Cuba provides an adventure for kids of all ages to enjoy. Away from the hustle and bustle of Cuba’s capital, Havana your kids can enjoy hiking or natures tours of beautiful landscapes and amazing cave structures. You will also have the perfect opportunity to explore the island’s many historic sites.

7. Aruba

A slice of heaven awaits you and your kids in Aruba. For the ideal vacations with small children will let the family escape the escape the crowds of city life and enter the relaxed atmosphere of the Caribbean. During your trip to this tropical paradise, the kids will be able to explore the white sandy beaches littered with palm trees, while the crystal-clear waters offer a cool oasis for them to swim in.

8. Barbados

Vacations with kids to Barbados offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the different theme of activities for kids of all ages. Barbados offers a fabulous blend of attractions for your kids to have an unforgettable time among vibrant surroundings with many amazing accommodations.

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