7 top reasons to go on a round-the-Caribbean trip


Caribbean Trip Looking for a great escape, the islands of the Caribbean are the perfect place for you to enjoy a relaxing, adventurous or fascinating vacation. Sprinkled along the Caribbean Sea the many exotic islands with unique landscape of rugged mountains, beautiful beaches and a diverse selection of wildlife; a vacation in the Caribbean offers one of the best opportunities to go island hopping on your trip. In addition to this here are the 7 top reasons why you should go on a rounded trip in the Caribbean.

1. The Beautiful Beaches
With miles of beautiful beaches and sparkling sands of white, pink and golden shades, travelers who take vacations in the Caribbean will have the perfect getaway among some of the world’s best beaches. The reality is the Caribbean is where you can really get away and fulfill all your dreams of an exciting beach life. Boasting warm and inviting waters that are perfect for you to play and swim in, the island beaches best places in the Caribbean for miles of fun in the sun.

2. Caribbean Cruise
Explore the wonderful Caribbean islands on a Caribbean Cruise as a remarkable alternative. You can spend your nights aboard a fabulous cruise liner while in the days you rush inland for great shopping experiences and sightseeing. Cruise the Caribbean you will be able to visit about 8 amazing Caribbean islands on one trip.

3. Adventurous Activities
The Caribbean is one of the best places in the Caribbean for adventurous outdoors activities. Locations like the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and Crown Point in Tobago will provide you with some spectacular scenery. The Caribbean will also provide numerous opportunities for you to hike through the flora and fauna of beautiful Martinique. Climb the wonderful waterfalls of Dunn’s River in Ocho Rios Jamaica or the Saut Mathurine in Haiti, for an extra kick; explore the wonders of the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua in Dominica Republic.

4. Entertainment
The Best Caribbean round trip starts with the bubbly entertainment scene which will keep you on your toes for days. Most resorts have their own bars or clubs for your enjoyment and are located nearby the beach. The nightlife usually kicks off with lively reggae and dancehall music, until the wee hours of the morning. If you are eager to explore, there are several remarkable clubs like Margaritaville, Sosúa’s Ruby Lounge and St. Lawrence hip-strip.

5. Luxurious Accommodations
Without a doubt, vacations in the Caribbean offers you luxurious accommodation not to be found anywhere else in the world. Serving up a delectable range of resorts, villas and fabulous hideaway spots, your best Caribbean accommodations will pamper you while allowing you to enjoy delicious Caribbean foods and relaxing spa treatments.

6. Explore the Beautiful Landmarks
The best Caribbean secrets are the amazing range of unique landmarks or attractions. Explore the impressive Museo de Ambar in Dominica Republic, revel in the streets of colonial splendor or bask in the wonders of Puerto Rico’s Colonial District. The Mayan’s ruins in Belize and the many UNESCO sites including the sunken city of Port Royal are all waiting for you to explore on your trip.

7. Enjoy the Island Culture
Enjoy the unique culture of the islands as you explore the wide range of cultural activities and festivals. Cuba, Dominica Republic, or Puerto Rico’s salsa or meringue beats will entice you to move to the tunes of traditional beats. While the reggae or Jamaica, the soca, blues and jazz and the folk concerts allow you to enjoy performances of the talented Caribbean people.

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