7 Things to see in Trinidad


7 Things to see in TrinidadA breathtaking experience to walk and see Trinidad’s top amazing attractions. Imagine standing onto the rugged cliffs at Galera Point in the town of Toco, as you view the crashing waves and beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea. To the southeast the blue surf greets the vibrant Atlantic Ocean and to the northwest, the gentle turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea say hello. A great introduction into the culture, history and lifestyle of Trinidad, this is where you tour of the 7 things to see in Trinidad begins.

7. Buccoo Reef

One of the spectacular sights to behold in the world, Buccoo Reef is situated off the coast of Tobago with its natural wonder. You can swim in delight in the underwater world on a glass bottom boat ride to see the many exotic channels and pathways so uniquely structured.

Buccoo Reef

6. Asa Wright Nature Centre

On Trinidad’s east coast sits an ecological diversity that is unparalleled to anything you have seen before. It is a prime example of Mother Nature at its best, featuring protected wetlands and miles of fine brown sand, you will enjoy your 5 ½ hour tour of captivating Asa Wright Nature Center. Sing or play with the birds, as you experience rich birding with Ruby-topaz humming-birds or Tufted Coquette birds.

Asa Wright Nature Center

5. Wild Fowl Trust

A 25-hectare sanctuary that is home to many rare bird species, both free and caged is where the Wild Fowl Trust is found.  Offering you a unique chance to get close to Trinidad’s national bird, the Scarlet Ibis, you can stroll along the rustic wooden pathways which will take you right around the grounds two amazing lakes. Step inside the learning centre at the entrance, to view the displays of Amerindian artifacts, a boutique hotel, and restaurant. 

Wild Fowl Trust1



Take a boat ride from Chaguaramas; follow the nature trail to Gaspar Grande. This is the largest offshore isle and home to the beautiful Gasparee Caves. Wander through the limestone cavern to exciting blue waters of the Blue Grotto, as the cave’s stalagmites and stalactites take you on a thrilling underground journey. While there, you might find treasures buried by pirates. 

Gasparee Caves


3.Caroni Swamp & Bird Sanctuary

This is where a rewarding outing for nature lover, especially birders stands in all its glory. One of the island’s best known attractions, Caroni Swamp and Bird Sanctuary is the nesting site Scarlet Ibis, the island national bird. Boat trips will take you through the winding freshwater marshland and mangrove forest, while you look at the variety of birds, marine life and tree animals, such as the smooth anteater and tree boa. 

Caroni Swamp & Bird Sanctuary


2. Pitch Lake

A large natural asphalt lake that holds ton of tarmac is known as the Pitch Lake. It is one of the three asphalt lakes in the world, as it spreads across miles of Landscape. Pitch Lake produces some of the world’s finest asphalt since 1859, while the natural springs offer you healing, especially during the rainy season.  A museum is also there to view peculiar artifacts for in the area from the Taino Arawak era.

Pitch Lake


1. Port of Spain

This must be on the list, the bustling and stunning capital of Trinidad, Port of Spain is an exciting city that gently blends old-world charm with contemporary flair. Enjoy your tour of great shopping malls, the Brian Lara Boulevard, art galleries and restaurants. Other popular landmarks, magnificent buildings and lush tropical foliage also await your discovery.


 Port of Spain

A magnificent sweep of attractions, when next in Trinidad visit and explore any of these must see for an unforgettable island vacation in the Caribbean.