7 Things to see in Barbados


7 Things to see in BarbadosA visit to Barbados will not be complete without seeing these 7 things in the island. Take a scenic coastal ride and enjoy the breathtaking beauty and sensational surf. An unforgettable tour awaits you in Barbados, as you catch a glimpse of wonderful attraction this island paradise hold. While touring you can stop for a fantastic lunch to taste the Bajan flavors to further entice your exploits.

1. Sunbury Plantation House

Built between 1660 and 1670, beautiful Sunbury Plantation House was thoroughly restored after a fire in 1995. Explore the house has thick walls built of local coral blocks and ballast stones, the interior retains its unique colonial era ambience with amazing antiques and exceptional furnishings. View the horse-drawn carriages behind the house as it tells you the tales of its history. Take a break and enjoy lunch or tea at the Courtyard restaurant as you sit by a 200 year old mahogany dining table.

Sunbury Plantation House

2. Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Walk through Barbados Wildlife Reserve just opposite Farley Hill. Stroll along the short paths that lead you to a mahogany forest of excited green monkeys, dainty red-footed turtles while you view the caiman pond. You will also see other creatures that are scattered to brocket deer, iguanas and agoutis. There's also a small aviary with macaws and cockatoos, as well as parrots, peacocks and pelicans. To top it off, there's an orchid display and an iguana sanctuary.

3. Tyrol Cot Heritage Village

Tyrol Cot is a traditional Bajan village built on the former home of Sir Grantley Adams. This landmark village is where you can view amazing examples of chattel houses. This is a unique Barbadian style of portable dwelling dating from the slavery era. On site you will see local artists working and selling their crafts, while the stables have been converted into a restaurant to enjoy a tasty lunch.

4. Welchman Hall Gully

Welchman Hall Gully is a touch of tropical forest, mixed with Bajan allure and other exotic tropical plants. A walking trail with about 200 species of lush tropical plants gives you the tranquil feel the instant you start your tour. It is a place where you can experience a piece of nature and imagine what the island was like 300 years ago.

 Welchman Hall Gully

5. Natural Wonders of Harrison's Cave

Experience the island's natural wonders while touring Harrison’s Cove. Visit this magnificent cave which is full of underground streams and waterfalls, stalactites and stalagmites. An electric tram will take you through the long winding path and down the deep tunnels to view this unique cave system.

Harrison's Cave1

6. Gun Hill Signal Station

An old British signaling station built in the 19th century; Gun Hill Signal Station is part of a chain of six stations created to warn of slave uprisings and other events. This is an interesting trip if you like British history and would like to learn more about the island history during the slave era. Stop by the small shop and snack bar for lunch.

Gun Hill

7. Francia Great House

The Francia Great House is where a great influence on the island started over 300 years ago. The house is filled with antiques including a very grand 19th century mahogany dining table, lovely china and silver ware. It is also renowned for its map collection, which lines the walls, see a map of the Caribbean from 1522. Enjoy the views from the house as you overlook the valley of St. George and its surrounding tropical gardens, lawns and orchards.

Barbados is an island of unspoiled charm and sophistication. Alive with possibilities, as boundless as the turquoise sea with endless sandy shores, come and experience the wonders of the island as you discover the spectacular attractions of the island.