5 Forgotten Vacation Spots


Forgotten SpotsWith so many islands to choose from, there are many vacation spots that you may have forgotten about. Sure the unspoilt beaches and tropical ambiance is there to have an exciting holiday, but you seem to overlook these islands that are a bit out of the way. So, the next time you are choosing an island, do consider any of these forgotten yet amazing Caribbean vacation spots.

1. Curacao

Sparkling on the southern Caribbean waters, Curacao boasts lovely sherbet-tone buildings in the capital town of Willemstad, where the Dutch Caribbean flair that provides an amazing ambiance. An exciting adventure awaits you in Curacao as you can snorkel or scuba dive among the stunning coral reefs which surrounds the island. Relax on a 12-mile stretch of incredible coastline or take a walk on the wild side at Curacao Ostrich Farm, where more than 300 big birds parade around in amazement. Fascinating to see and enjoy, Curacao is an exceptional spot to view rare artifacts, such as elaborate centuries-old coins, jewelry and stamps, and a Torah from 1492. 

2. St. Lucia

Protruding dramatically out of the Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia's famous twin peaks, the Pitons, will daze you with its beauty. Travel to this lovely green mountainous isle to tour to the Diamond Botanical Gardens, where the natural minerals make the waterfall vary in color. Save time to dip your toes into the nearby bubbly mineral springs on nature trip to the island. Take an exciting family trip to Fond Latisab Creole Park, or Fond Assau town to bask in St. Lucian way of life with their hands-on activities. Stroll through the market in Castries to buy exotic produce of the island.

3. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of those forgotten family vacation spots in the Caribbean. Cancun is a tropical paradise that provides lovely weather and many accommodation options and some of the coolest activities in Mexico. Cancun is where you want to be; as far as accommodation goes it has everything from luxurious villas to budget hotels. Cancun is the perfect place for scuba diving, snorkeling, golfing, fishing or playing tennis. Cancun also has great shopping and dining, and when it comes to nightlife, there is no better place than beautiful Cancun. Boasting exciting bars and clubs and even lounges to ensure you enjoy the perfect night out. Whether it’s a family vacation, destination wedding, friends’ weekend, romantic getaway, or spring break, Cancun has what you’re looking for.

4. Belize

Looking for something a little bit more adventurous, or something a little bit different than the usual, Belize is where you want to be.  A holiday in Belize will be so unique that you will not stop talking about it for months. This vacation spot is where you can enjoy the nature and explore the rich natural settings of the landscape. Enjoy activities such as a river trips, a zoo exploration, gym in the heart jungle, horseback riding, and shark watching. Lounge by a large crystalline pool, or wandering among tropical gardens, where you will soon feel time melt away.

5. La Romana, Dominica Republic

La Romana is a vibrant seaside town in Dominican Republic. The town pulses with history as it moves full steam with historical beauty that soars to the beautiful Caribbean skies. The perfect spot for a spectacular Caribbean vacation, La Romana is where couples come to play on the sun drenched southeast coast of the Dominican Republic. Offering an unforgettable adventure for singles, couples and families, you will discover a tranquil world that gives you one of nature’s most pristine beaches. Most importantly, you will feel special as you are greeted with relaxing amenities and comfortable settings.

Spend time at any of these amazing forgotten spots in the Caribbean as you surround yourself with the calming power of tropical bliss and palm-fringed beaches that borders your vacation hideaway.