5 Family Cruise Ideas for Summer


Family Cruise Ideas for SummerFamily cruise holidays give your family the ability to see lots of destinations without all the packing and unpacking. Most family summer vacation ideas are loaded with day and night activities for kids and adults to enjoy plenty of family time together. Family cruise holidays provide historical site seeing, beaches, snorkeling and time for shopping, as the variety of family cruises available will offer the right schedule of family fun for the entire family. 

Family summer vacation ideas are set up for families where children can stay free with parents all year around. These holiday programs will have your kids and you enjoying all the amenities, plus the exciting adventures aboard the cruise liners. Family cruise holidays also provide many memorable experiences, while you and your family bask in a well needed family trip.

It is essential you chose a cruise liner that has great ways to entertain you and your family. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find an exceptional family cruise packed with amenities for the kids and amazing attractions for you. Here are the top five family cruise ideas for the summer:

1. Sail with Disney Family Cruises

Disney family cruises caters to the best cruise ideas while entertaining you and the kids to a good time. Disney cruise liners will take you to the Bahamas, while there you and your kids can explore the Castaway Island. Enjoy the amenities of Disney cruise liners, where you can have wonderful dining experiences at the restaurants, which has excellent children’s menus also. The lively shows are family-friendly as the musical medleys of Disney classics provide a great sing-along tune. An indoor movie theater is there for rainy days, while the nurseries and playrooms are design so kids can find plenty of peers with whom to play. You can escape to the end of the ship to a jazz bar, dance club or sports bar for some alone time.

2. Book a Cruise on Freedom of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International Liner

Freedom of the Seas is the largest family cruise ship with loads of family fun activities. You and your kids will enjoy the many offerings of huge water parks, ice-skating rink, rock-climbing walls and fabulous hot tubs that hang over the side of the ship. Providing a hearty family fun of week-long activities, you and your family can enjoy exploring the islands. Visit some of the most amazing ports of the Caribbean as Freedom of the Seas takes you to these attractive towns and cities.

3. Visit the Caribbean aboard Norwegian Cruise Liner

Hop board this friendly cruise liner to have a blast while experiencing the pleasant tropical climate. The Norwegian Cruise Liner is a family-friendly liner that provides plenty activities for you and your family. Your kids will enjoy the treasure hunts, magic shows, and great watersports activities aboard, while you visit the spa or fitness center. Norwegian Cruise Liner will keep you entertained throughout your tour of the Caribbean as you discover the many varied islands. In addition, Norwegian Cruise Liner offers a family bonus where kids under 2 age travel for free.

4. Head to the Caribbean for a Week with Princess Cruise Lines

Princess Cruises offers a more melodious family cruise holidays with plenty of entertainment to keep the family busy for the entire trip. Offering remarkable indoor and outdoor facilities, you and your family will enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the islands. Stopover at one of the ports and visit the craft market or partake in any of the island’s exciting land tours.

5. Experience Family Cruise Holidays with Windjammer Barefoot Cruises

A casual family-friendly setting that provides the ideal atmosphere for you and your family to have a whale of a time. During the summer, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises offers you an exceptional range of amenities, where you can roam around in any attire you want at the dinner table. Windjammer Barefoot Cruises also offer camp style activities during the days for kids 6-17. Enjoy the casual ambiance of Windjammer Cruises and relax while they take you to exotic areas of the Caribbean.

Have a good time while on your family cruise vacations to the Caribbean. Enjoy the sun-kissed decks while the kids play in the pools on your next family cruise.