5 Easy Weekend Getaways


GetawaysYour prospect for a perfect Caribbean getaway will bring you to islands where ocean breezes, warm white sand and crystal clear water lure you to amazing destinations. Review these five easy weekend getaway location in the Caribbean.


Explore the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas during daily guided ocean swims. Enjoy freshly prepared meals and sip Caribbean cocktails after playing in the best open water swimming conditions found anywhere in the world. These well-liked islands will transform your weekend getaway into a whirlwind experience.  


Experience off-the-beaten path of a tropical wonderland, as the beach beckons you to amazing adventures. The unspoiled island of Dominica is great for rainforest adventure as the natural beauty lures you to a fantastic weekend getaway.  A small island, Dominica is perfect for the nature buffs who love the outdoor. You can spend a few days exploring the waterfalls and nature trails of Morne Trois Pitons National Park, and for a good price, especially in spring.


For a lively intro into Caribbean culture and plenty of adventurous activities to do, Jamaica is where you want to be. Hotels and resorts offer some of the best flight and hotel rates of the region, as there are plenty of all-inclusive resorts to appeal to your style and budget. 


Fine beaches, excellent nightlife and botanical gardens for nature lovers, the enchanting island of Martinique is worth a weekend getaway from you. Hike, kayak, mountain bike and snorkel during the day, while staying in charming hotels and inns at night, Martinique is for those looking for exciting activities during the day, and peaceful nights.

St. Kitts & Nevis

Travel to this tropical island to have an exciting weekend getaway like no other. St. Kitts is where you can enjoy parting in the sands of Oualie or spend a few hours away at Frigate Bay. When you want to get away from it all, just hop a quick ferry to the quieter, more-secluded island of Nevis. St. Kitts and Nevis are what you are looking for in an exotic location in the Caribbean.

You are guaranteed an excellent flight and hotel rate to any of these islands, as the cultural authenticity and the attractive places creates a lovely weekend getaway.