5 Best Caribbean Snorkeling Spots


The Caribbean’s warm, crystal-clear waters is widely known for having some of the world’s best snorkeling spots, so throw on some fins and dive right in. These islands were created shore diving and although storms have beat back much of the shallow reefs, they still provide amazing spot for you to enjoy snorkeling in the Caribbean. No matter where you are in the Caribbean, you will be able to step off the beach near your hotel, grab a snorkeling mask and start exploring the beautiful world just beneath the water surface. A snorkeling experience you’ll never forget. Excellent snorkeling spots are found almost on every island, but these hot spots stand out the most, have a look.

1. The Baths, Virgin Gorda

This enticingly beautiful island has one of the hottest snorkeling spots known as the Baths. The Baths are the magnificent white sandy beaches enclosed by unearthly formations of granite, some reaching 35 feet in length. These gigantic boulders, sculpted by the elements, create pools and grottoes that hide a variety of exotic creatures, with coral formations and caves extending further off the beach.
The Baths, Virgin Gorda

2. Eden Rock or Devil’s Grotto, Grand Cayman

A large mass of limestone coated in a living shell of coral algae, sponges, sea fans and patches of living coral that climb to over 20 feet is waiting to be explored by you at Eden Rock or Devils’ Grotto, Grand Cayman. Filled with caves and sunlit caverns, Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto is where you can enjoy your time snorkeling, as you swim with the many types of fish, such as damselfish, parrotfish, tarpons or trumpet fish in the warm caribbean Sea. Eden Rock

3. Playa Jeremi, Curaçao

Peaceful Playa Jeremi is situated north of Lagun and two miles south of Knipbaii, Curacao. This area is a secluded bay that hugs the soft sands of the beach. You can easily walk into the waters as you sink for a fabulous views of brain corals and flowery anemones feeding along the western shoreline. Venture further out, to snorkel through the warm waters to see  groupers swimming in the clear waters to the depths of algae-covered rocks. Along with Playa Jeremi, Curacao Underwater Marine Park is also great for snorkeling trips. Found along 12 miles of Curacao’s beautiful southern coastline, this area is a snorkeler’s dream, where sunken ships, gardens of hard and soft coral, and schools of nurse sharks provide a wonderful underwater display of bright colors and interesting feel. There are many trails and signs to help you identify what you are seeing.
 Playa Jeremi, Curaçao

4. Trunk Bay, St. John

Known for its stunning shoreline with warm waters that winds along a 600 feet of winding snorkel trail, Trunk Bay is a classic snorkeling hot spot in the Caribbean. For an exciting snorkeling adventure follow the trail to explore both sides of the two rock formations about 200 yards offshore. Along your tour you will discover eels, lobsters and other amazing sea creatures, as you go further and futher. Almost all of the beaches on the island have coral reefs around the bays which is a haven for tropical fish of every imaginable color. There are so many great snorkeling locations in St. John it’s highly difficult to pick just one to recommend. Salomon or Honeymoon Bay is also a favorite, and the waters are ten feet or less in depth. Caneel Bay and Hawknest Bay also have marvelous snorkeling spots, shallow enough for beginners and children.
Trunk Bay, St. John

5. Stingray City, Grand Cayman

Stingray City is a short boat ride from Grand Cayman’s northern coast, and it’s made up of a series of beautiful sand bars that cross the North Sound from Morgan Harbor to Rum Point. For a truly unique snorkeling experience, take a trip to Stingray City to explore the crystal clear waters which are about 13 feet deep that makes it ideal for beginners and children. When the snorkeling masks are submerged, all fears will be set aside as the gentle stingrays allow you to play and swim with them. There are many colorful fish to enjoy as well.

Truly a snorkeler’s paradise, with gorgeous beaches surrounding you, waters full of tropical colored fish, various types of coral reefs, walls and even shipwrecks provides you with the experience you dream of. After an afternoon of snorkeling, retire to the sensually soft sands of the island’s many beaches.