10 Things To Do In The Caribbean This Summer


There’s a lot more to the islands of the Caribbean than sun, sipping on coconuts, or lounging on the beautiful beaches. These islands boast a number of recreational opportunities that is not just limited to the beach. You can explore the islands to discover the abundance of nature and wildlife tours historical places, or plunge into the old-world charm of the island with their mouth-watering foods. Listed below are the 10 things you should do in the Caribbean this summer!

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1. Tour The Island’s Unique Landscape

Drive through a plantation that is full of rich tropical vegetation, glimpse a playful green tail monkey in a theme park, and discover the beauty and excitement of the rainforest as you glide over the forest canopy on a thrilling zip line tour. Take a scenic hike through the hills of Jamaica, visit the lovely Blue Mountains and enjoy the stunning scenery that surrounds this phenomenon. Swing through the trees of the rainforest in St. Lucia while admiring the Pitons, as the rushing waters below let you experience the diversity of the landscape.  

2. Explore the Beautiful Colonial Buildings

Enjoy a day on the islands and step into history as you view the colonial cities in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. While there you will also see many artifacts of this era as you learn about the many battles that went on in these islands long ago. Travel past colorful houses of Cayman Islands or Curacao to view the breathtaking architectural designs of the buildings. Marvel at the towering ceilings and flowing stone tapestries of Cuba’s grand museums as you surround yourself with wonderful displays. Stroll through the Spanish colonial city of San Juan and take a guided tour of Bacardi, the world’s largest rum distillery.

3. Take An Adventurous Beach Tour

Drift along a beautiful bay on a boat or snorkel through the clear blue waters teeming with tropical fish. Windsurf across the turquoise waves as you drive your craft along the beach. Then dive into the water to discover the sunken shipwrecks in Barbados or the Bahamas. And as you experience an underwater adventure, you will see living corals in all shape and sizes, green sea turtles and colorful sponges. Play and swim with the dolphins, enjoy the sea lions and dolphins at Dolphin Cove Jamaica.

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4. Enjoy an Authentic Caribbean Dishes

Sample some of the best tasting foods in the world, from callaloo to jerk chicken; there is a meal to excite your taste buds. Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of African, French, Chinese, British Spanish, Dutch and Indian cultures, hence each island food varies. You can taste as much as you want from spicy seafood dishes to delicious pastries. Enjoy a fruity cocktail as you relax on the beach, while the tropical surroundings lure you with pulsating beats.

5. Shop Till you Drop

Buy a unique memento from your trip by visiting the open air market in Jamaica, The Bahamas or Barbados. While there you find a piece of art, craft items and unique keepsakes of your trip. Duty-free shopping is available in most islands where you can buy hand-made leather sandals, belts and wood carvings. Craftsmen also approach you on the beaches with beaded bracelets, necklaces and hand-carved pendants, to satisfy just about any art lover.

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6. Enjoy A Cultural Experience

Follow your ears as bands of musicians move from one venue to the other while entertaining you with the rhythm of the islands. Ensure you visit the island during carnival or festival time that normally starts between July and August. Learn more about the islands culture as you revel in the soca, meringue or salsa beats. At nights you can visit the lively nightclubs or restaurants that offer unique performance seen only in the region.

7. Indulge In A Spa Treatment

For the utmost in relaxation and pampering, the islands will spoil you with sensuous runs and amazing massage to release all the stress of daily living. Indulge in the soothing spa facilities that will charm you with their extraordinary allure to take you on a journey of inspirational paths. The surrounding will allow you to relax in the beautiful settings while the calming waters give you the peace you are longing for.  Spacious hideaways which feature rustic yet gorgeous massage areas will fill your soul sheer elegance.  

8. Excite Your Vacation and Try Climbing the waterfall or Zip-Lining

Start your engines and zip through the beautiful countryside of St. Lucia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico or Antigua. Within these Caribbean’s tranquil beauty to be captivated by a varied ecology phenomenon that is waiting for you to explore it. Climb the waterfall of Dunn’s River Fall in Jamaica or zip-line through the canopy of forest in Dominican Republic, which will excite your trip to the region. Enjoy countless adventure activities, such as canopy rides, river tubing, volcano treks, and river rafting, to name a few.  

9. Discover Wildlife In Tropical Rainforests

Go Trekking in the Caribbean through the rainforest of El Yunque. This forest has a variety of interesting flora and fauna that lead to an abundance of species, from the forest floor to the canopy. As you explore the rainforest, you will see exotic birds and fascinating wild creatures, such as snakes, monkeys or lizards. This tropical forest is full of surprises as it is where an old Taino Arawak settlement still stands.

10. Explore a Cave

A natural wonder that comes in all shapes and sizes, explore the caves of the islands as it offer a sense of adventure which pulls you to an exciting tour. Caves allow you to explore new and exciting rock formations and since each cave is uniquely formed here are some you can visit, Green Grotto in Jamaica, Harrison’s caves in Barbados or Camuy Caves in Puerto Rico. Whether the cave is owned by a park or is a hole in the rocks, you can discover the odd but distinctive formations of stalactites, stalagmites that can only be found in the Caribbean.

Relax and unwind on a yacht after all that excitement, as you sail into the sunset on a romantic cruise while having dinner.

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