10 Places to Go This Summer


Places to Go This SummerSummer is fast approaching and it’s time for you to take a break and recharge your batteries to the best places in the Caribbean to travel to. What better way to do that than to enjoy a relaxing stay at one of these beautiful summer destinations.

St. Lucia

Summer vacations in St. Lucia bring you closer to nature-filled holidays. A popular summer destination, St. Lucia is where you can relax on one of its beaches, explore the unique landscapes or hike the stunning Pitons Mountains. Take a ride through the tropical forest and enjoy the variety of flora and fauna within its border. When the sun goes down, revel in the towns’ nightlife while the many fabulous hotels allow you to have all of life’s luxury.


Travel in the summer to the Spanish isle of Cuba and enjoy many outdoor adventures. Take a scenic tour of the colonial buildings or bask in the tropical wonderland of Vinales Valley. This is one of the best places to travel during your summer vacations, as Cuba provides the perfect surroundings for hiking, nature-walks and beautiful beaches to play in. Cuba awaits your visit, so they can excite you with vibrant Salsa beats.

Dominican Republic

For another great place to travel in the summer, the beautiful country of Dominican Republic wants to spoil you with its colorful history, gorgeous beaches and amazing landmarks. Its beauty lies in its people, who are exceptionally friendly, while the cities have everything for you to have a wonderful summer vacation. Enjoy a day of fun activities, such as whale-watching or surfing. Then take a refreshing walk around Jardín Botánico Nacional Park or Los Tres Ojos National Park to bask in the beauty of its landscapes.

The Bahamas

The islands of the Bahamas are one of the best places to travel this summer. With so many islands to choose from, you will enjoy the wide array of natural to adventurous themes, as you go along exploring. You will find all sorts of exotic plants and animals living in peaceful harmony while you swim. You can also enjoy your favorite water sport at any of the unspoiled beaches as they attract you to bask in the sunshine. While there, visit the Straw Market to buy amazing keepsakes at bargain prices.

Trinidad &Tobago

This twin island country allows you to enjoy the islands without the hassle of venturing too far. Explore the islands and enjoy the unique surroundings charming cities like Port of Spain or Arima City, where you can learn more about the islands culture. Visit Arnos Vale Waterwheel for a slice of history and culture or if you are an admirer of forts you can visit Fort Milford. The islands have its fair share of architecture, beaches, shopping, and great nightlife all for you to enjoy.



The enchanted island of Martinique lures you to enjoy the vast variety of waterfalls, lovely gardens and amazing landmarks. Martinique is a magical island that provides the ideal atmosphere for an exciting summer destination. Boasting lots of charming towns and cities, you will have the time of your life discovering what makes Martinique so adorable. Have fun playing in the black, white or golden sandy beaches, while the scenic backdrop offers an oasis to relax.   



An adventurous summer vacation awaits you in the small island of Barbados. Barbados is the perfect island to enjoy an exciting summer to the Caribbean. The island offers a wide variety of amazing attractions, such as surfing at the Soup Bowl or exploring the waters at Folkestone Marine Park. But there is much more to the island than watersports, you can visit the beautiful Jacobean Mansions and appreciate the artistic value of the island.



A fabulous summer destination for families and couples, Anguilla is a beautiful island that blends the white sandy beaches with breathtaking turquoise water and casual settings. Explore Anguilla and be captivated by the scenic landscapes and amazing cultural highlights. Enjoy the Summer Festivals, such as boat racing around the harbor or partake in a colorful parades or arts and crafts shows. You will like the perfect weather, as Anguilla creates memories to last a lifetime.



This island needs no introduction. However, Jamaica is one of the top places to visit this summer, as it maintains it ideal flair of a summer destination for everyone. After all, nothing can be more invigorating than climbing the Dunn’s River Falls or swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. And if you are up for more adventures, take a hiking tour to the stunning Blue Mountains and enjoy the views of the country side. With the cool sea breezes under the sun your Jamaican summer vacations will spoil you with fantastic exploits.



The French isle of Guadeloupe is the birthplace of marvelous discoveries. Enjoy a day during your retreat, trekking around the Valley of the Rivière or go rafting at Punch Pond. Visit many of the beautiful landmarks, such as Etang as de Pique, Fort St-Charles and remarkable Place du Champ d’Arbaud to experience the island unforgettable ventures.

The islands of the Caribbean are so intriguing that no matter where you decide to stay this summer you will enjoy the pampering, great food, and a wonderful local scene, among the great attractions on the islands.


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