10 Natural Wonders to See Before You Die


10 Natural Wonders to See Before You DieFrom the mystic landmarks to the magnificent waterfalls and amazing cities, natural wonders of the Caribbean represents an array of beautiful happenings to see in this lifetime. There are many natural wonders to see before you die on the islands as you explore everything from volcanic peaks to deep valleys, natural springs, rainforests and even deserts on a Caribbean vacation.

Let us review the top 10 unique natural wonders to see before you die.

1. Mayan Temples – Belize

Wonder in nature and stand at the edge of a lush tropical forest to see the most impressive natural and spiritual landscapes in the Caribbean. Filled with exotic plants and animals, hidden treasures of the past, you must visit the Belize for this natural experience.

2. Soufriere Hills Volcano – Montserrat

The Soufriere volcano allows you to understand the power and magnificence of nature, as the bubbly ashes rush down the hills. You can visit Soufriere volcano when it begins to erupt to see the seismic movement that occurs. Go to the observatory centre to get a wonderful view of the beautiful island.

3. Bioluminescent Bay – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a popular destination in the Caribbean and is where you can explore the waters of the Bioluminescent Bay. This unique bay allows you to swim in the shimmering waters on a moonlit night. Take a trip to the bay to enjoy the calm waters, you will truly feel like you are swimming among the stars.

4.  The Blue Hole – Belize

Visit another top natural wonder in Belize which is known as the great Blue Hole. This natural wonder is a large lagoon nestled in the Caribbean Sea that provides warm, shallow and sparkling waters to enjoy. The Blue Hole stretches across amazing miles of blue ocean bliss and is great for diving and snorkeling trips.

5. El Yunque – Puerto Rico

The stunning rain forest in El Yunque is a National Park with 28,000 acres of natural forest which is home to thousands of exotic plants and animals. Explore the El Yunque to have an experience of a lifetime, as you discover hidden Arawak sites and sacred places. A truly natural atmosphere, if you really want to plunge into the thrills of hiking, fishing and camping in.

6. The Pitons – St. Lucia

The magnificent island of St Lucia offers the splendid twin volcanic peak of the Pitons. These peaks rise noticeably out of the seas and are World Heritage site to see. Hike to the top of Gros Piton which is the larger of the two, while the smaller Petit Piton is off limits.  

7. Boiling Lake – Dominica

Dominica’s Boiling Lake is accessible after a demanding mountainous hike. The lake is one of the world’s largest bodies of naturally hot water, as it is heated from the thermal springs from the on-going volcanic activity in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Stunning scenery to see, you can also swim in the bubbly waters while viewing the steams escaping from the vents of the Breakfast River.

8. Pitch Lake – Trinidad

Pitch Lake in Trinidad is one of the most beautiful of places to visit in the Caribbean. This natural phenomenon is without a doubt the most unique, as the 100 acre lake of liquid asphalt is the largest in the world.  Walk across the asphalt lake on the harder surfaces, while you witness the bubbling effects of the strong smelling tarmac. It is worth taking a guided tour, as it is truly an incredible sight to see tons of natural asphalt before your eyes.

9. Port Royal – Jamaica

Natural wonders are known for their beauty, but a piece of this one in under the sea. Port Royal is the only sunken city in this part of the world and is a must see natural wonder before you die.  An exciting phenomenon where history and culture come together to feature untamed landscape, you must visit the town to see it for yourself. For a truly amazing time, dive through waters surrounding Port Royal to see amazing ship wrecks and valuable artifacts.

10. The Baths – British Virgin Islands

The Baths in the British Virgin Islands is considered to be one of the best places in the Caribbean to enjoy snorkeling. With grottos and caves that stretch along the coast of Virgin Gorda you can swim in the soothing waters as it gently rushes to the shore. Exploring this rocky formation will take you to wonderful diving spots, which makes you think you are in paradise.   

Visit one or more of these natural wonders on your next adventure trip to the Caribbean and enjoy the wild and scenic spots of pure fun.

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