10 Good Reasons to Visit Cuba


Visit Cuba Warm, friendly and amazing, the island of Cuba invites you to enjoy its stunning atmosphere of rich culture. Being one of the largest Caribbean islands, Cuba offers a wealth of unique adventures for you to enjoy. From the moment you step unto the Cuban soil, a smiling face greets you to take you to an all inclusive holidays in Cuba.

1. Amazing Accommodation options
With more than 100 hotels providing elegantly designed guestrooms and five-star services, your all inclusive holidays in Cuba offer the best beaches with charming accommodations options.

2. Cuba’s Climate
All inclusive holidays in Cuba are great to enjoy the comfortable climate of warm, tropical temperatures, which makes Cuba a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. Boasting lovely turquoise waters and the cool Caribbean breezes, your Cuban holidays will provide some of the most breathtaking diving sites to be discovered by you.

3. Rich culture of music and dance
Enjoy tours of Cuba as you indulge in the rich culture of music and dance. Cubans are known for their zesty traditions of dance and music, enjoy the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Salsa rhythms as the lively beats take you to every corner of the island. Visit cultural events for worlds of ballet, fine arts and film and enjoy the interesting blends of relaxing attractions, as tours of Cuba give you a startling combination of excitement.

4. Exciting Sports activities
Tours of Cuba will also take you to an exciting range of sports, as well as great golf courses. You can enjoy cycling, trekking, climbing or horseback riding, or a host of water sports activities such as snorkeling, diving or deep sea fishing.

5. Explore Cuba’s architectural towns and cities
Visit the island for the amazing Cuban architectural towns and cities, such as Plaza de la Revolución or exciting Havana that exhibits a rich and vibrant history. Explore the historical centre of Havana, with its impressive building of colonial architecture for you to enjoy. Many of these colonial structures are listed on the UNESCO Heritage Site; hence you must visit Cuba to view extraordinary buildings, especially Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad.

6. Discover the Museums and Galleries
Cuba’s museums and art galleries offer a rich spread of Spanish colonial art and architecture. The contemporary art of the revolution is striking, but it is old palaces, churches, and cobblestone streets that will attract you mostly. The capital city of Havana is surrounded by commanding Spanish colonial fortresses, most of them well preserved.

7. Wander through the colorful markets and nature trails
Contagious fun awaits you in Cuba cheap vacations, as everything is celebrate on the island. Plunge into the enjoyable Cuba mood and wander through the colorful markets, the wonderful nature and wildlife reserves or tour the delightfully varied landscape of tropical nature. Visit the jungle scenes at the Parque Nacional Alejandro Humboldt and view the lovely gardens of orchids.

8. Taste authentic Cuban Cuisines
Cuba cheap vacations will also provide you with the delicious cuisine of the island. Taste unique creations of fish, meat and other local dishes, as it offer a mouth-watering experience among exotic vegetables and tropical fruits.

9. Bask in the wonderful landscapes
Cuba’s landscape will inspire you to discover one of the island most famous attractions. The Cigars Factories provides you with an exceptional tour to the making of hand-rolled cigars. Cuba cheap vacations will also take you to some of the outstanding rum distilleries on the island.

10. Enjoy the unique diving spots
The coastlines of Cuba hold many amazing diving and snorkeling spots. Enjoy your vacation to Cuba and plunge into the beautiful waters as you explore the stunning reefs and magnificent treasure below.

Explore, discover and enjoy your vacation to Cuba.

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