10 Best Party Islands around the Caribbean


It’s time to go crazy! Every island in the Caribbean has its own unique qualities and charm that makes it a hit with travelers. While the Caribbean is a popular destination to relax and unwind, the islands are also great spots where you can let your hair down and party nonstop! If you are wondering which destinations are best for you to enjoy some amazing festivals or some ridiculously wild clubs and party scenes below are the top party islands of the Caribbean. So, don’t go to any of these hot spots expecting to sleep.

10. Antigua

Antigua offers a load of entertainment and is a place not to be missed by party lovers searching for constant vibes and an intensive nightlife. The island is super popular with young holidaymakers and the parting goes on all night. Antigua’s party life includes nightclubs, rum shops and discotheques for you to enjoy traditional music and dance.

9. Aruba

When the sun sets, Aruba pumps up the volume for you to have a great time. On this island the resorts arrange an array of parties every night so you can have a good time. Aruba has a lot of local clubs where you can catch DJ’s spinning the best music till early in the morning. This party island also has a few casinos and some live entertainment, which are both great ways to spend those nights on your trip.

Carnival © by Stig Nygaard

8. St Lucia

Home to some sophisticated celebrations, fiestas and carnivals, St Lucia has a great formula for a great night out. At this hot spot you will get to choose from a unique selection of clubs and bars. This combined with gallons of rum, the laidback atmosphere and the hot rhythms of soca music means that party animals like you will have all that you need for the best night out!

Nightclub © by Kaloozer

7. Cuba

Getting bored is almost impossible in Cuba when you are surrounded by lively night clubs and traditional music which combines to give you a truly unique experience. The Cubans have a great passion for partying and this is the island where you will get to enjoy some of the best salsa and jazz music. Plus the island has an incredible open air nightlife on offer when you visit.

Salsa © by MarkScottAustinTX

6. The Bahamas

Featuring a wide array of night clubs and bars most with live bands, The Bahamas is one of the top party islands where you can dance the night away. The island’s party scene includes clubs, party cruises, and bars all of which are rocking around the clock. The Bahamas also offers the opportunity for you to enjoy fire dancing shows and sponsored beach parties.

Cruise Ship Dancers 8 © by peptic_ulcer

5. Barbados

When the sun goes down, a bustling nightlife takes center stage in Barbados and the fun continues! Barbados party life includes hot nightclubs with live bands or DJs and club parties which continue until all hours of the morning. The island is also well supplied with English-style pubs should you wish to take in the scene.

Barbados © by rjs1322

4. Trinidad & Tobago

If you love steel pan music and soca beats, Trinidad is where you want to be especially during the carnival season to party. The Soca Island has a long tradition of partying. And the island’s energetic approach towards life and its wild partying, good clubs and DJs means that you will have a fun filled destination to party till you can party no more.

Party! © by Ariaski

3. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic with its extraordinary beauty allows party-goers to enjoy the best of the island’s pulsating rhythms. The island’s party scene combines an intoxicating mix of Latin party spirit with the laid-back Caribbean beach life. Party lovers on this island can choose from a wide selection of trance, drum and bass and hip hop stages and clubs, each of which offers a different party vibe to enjoy until the sun rises.

beach dance by tourists from India © by Ilan

2. Puerto Rico

As one of the sunniest, greenest and the trendiest Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico will please you with its nightly entertainment. In this Caribbean paradise you can party like a rock star in San Juan, along the lovely beach towns or at one of the exciting clubs, chic bars, and hip hotels that provides some of the best pulsating beats on the island. Puerto Rico also has a lot of activities, and entertainment to keep just about everyone busy with fun.

san juan party time © by Tif Pic

1. Jamaica

Jamaica has a very strong party culture and when you are searching for the Caribbean destination with the most intense party and nightlife, Jamaica has the best music and the greatest party experience ever! Jamaica and Jamaicans are known for hosting some of the Caribbean’s and the world’s best parties, reggae shows and concerts including Reggae Sumfest, The jazz and blues festival and Sting. The island boast a great selection of clubs, pubs and hot spots where you can jam to the sounds of DJs mixing it up for you all night while you enjoy all kinds of drink specials and rum. Jamaica is also the best spot for you to enjoy street partying in the Caribbean, just ask the Japanese.

Reggae Festival 2010 © by Joakim Westerlund

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