Where to Eat: The Best Barbados Restaurants


Barbados offers plenty of places to dine out, whether you are looking for a romantic, family of singles brunch in a quiet beachside setting. This island has something for you to enjoy the abundance of fabulous restaurants that offers delectable dining. Dining in Barbados makes you feel at home as you enjoy the fun and laid-back ambiance of each restaurant.

While on vacation in Barbados, explore the array of restaurants that’s available, as they take your taste buds on an unbelievable journey of mouthwatering delights. Providing budget-friendly restaurants such as Oistins Fish Fry, which is a collection of local vendors serving freshly prepared seafood from outdoor stalls in the small south coast village of Oistins. Once you have got your choice of meal, you can take a seat at one of the picnic benches and enjoy the vibrant music and lively atmosphere.

Restaurant du Lac de Trémelin à Iffendic © by Pays de Montfort en Brocéliande

The range of cuisines served at L’Acajou is varied; this stunning open air beachfront restaurant is located on the grounds of the lovely Sandy Lane Resort. Setting the pace for elegant dining and amazing cuisines, L’Acajou offers an inspiring range delicious Bajan food and international cuisines. Dine under a canopy of mahogany trees while the sea breeze gentle caresses you with a soulful experience.

A special evening promises to be very fulfilling at the gorgeous setting of David’s Place beachfront spot. This is where Bajan cuisines take you to a different level of unique taste. Offering a tasteful selection of delicious menus, David’s Place will lure you with their elegant seaside ambiance as you savor Flying Fish Melts served with a peppery jelly dip or excite your taste buds with a plate of Chicken Crepe served with rich coconut cream sauce. All of this combines an unforgettable dining experience in Barbados.

Food before Mahjong © by avlxyz

Barbados has a variety of restaurants for you to explore the range of Bajan delicacies. So if you are planning a trip to the island, there is virtually a great restaurant at every corner offering endless possibilities for your dining pleasures.