Where to Eat: San Juan Restaurants


Experience delicious cuisines in warm and inviting island ambiance, as San Juan restaurants take you on a culinary journey. While visiting the island you can stop at these hot spots that boast sheer elegance with unique dining experience while being surrounded with old-world charm and service. In San Juan the restaurants offers a contrast between fast-food delights and tradition style dinners to provide an exceptional time in this historic city.

When you visit the island, you will notice that the locals love and enjoy cooking all types of mouth-watering foods that will surly excite your taste buds. Come hungry as these restaurants will entice your appetite with a creative fusion of Spanish, American or Creole cuisines. You will find something for your taste buds to enjoy, as you experience an excellent array of menus served in the most romantic and splendid settings the island has to offer.

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Plenty of the restaurants are family-oriented and operated by families with a wealth of knowledge in preparing fabulous foods and amazing cocktails. Step into a world of warmth as you take a seat on a lovely terrace with views of the Caribbean Sea. Your dinning pleasures will be very rewarding while being surrounded by Spanish architecture and gorgeous flora. It’s a dining diversity which offers you the best of authentic island creations.

Restaurants in San Juan are just one of the best reasons to explore the culinary side of this historic city. Taste the ordinary to the extraordinary as these refined restaurants offer something special in every bite. San Juan restaurants bring to life the exotic flavors of the island as it enhance your dining experience with spicy, sweet and savory meals. Visit Pikayo restaurant to enjoy the fusion top-notch dining menus with fast-food delight such as cheese burgers.

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Other places to eat are Augusto’s with its perfect European setting to taste the best foie gras you ever had. Hot spots like Dragonfly, Toro Salao, The Parrot Club or Koco will be happy to please you with a variety of delicious seafood choices. Phenomenal meals, amazing services and stunning views all make your San Juan restaurant experience a delightful attraction to explore in Puerto Rico. Oh, save room for desserts.