Norma’s on the Terrace


Norma’s-Terrace-jamaica Norma’s on the Terrace is owned by Norma Shirley, who recently past away at age 72 years. This popular restaurant operates at the legendary Devon House and at two other locations, namely Norma’s at the Marina in Port Antonio and Norma’s on the beach in Negril. Norma’s on the Terrace is one of the most celebrated restaurants in Jamaica and have recently received rave reviews for their delectable cuisines in the Caribbean and the World over. This restaurant is famous for its culinary status that provides diners with authentic Jamaican dishes.

The white filled table caresses the terraces that overlook the attractive landscaped lawns of the fabulous surroundings. The beautiful waters at the marina or the warm and inviting beach in Negril add to elegant ambience that lures you to take a seat. Their menus are fusion of creative local and regional dishes, along with natural fruit juices create the perfect product of mouthwatering delights.

The jerked chicken penne with sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic and a light marinara sauce is a must have when you dine at this restaurant. Most of the selections on the menu is often restructured and features many creative dishes based on new and exciting uses of fresh local flavours. With a twist of thyme, scotch bonnet, red peas, smoked pork, rum and the ever-present jerk chicken, Norm’s on the terrace will create a delicious meal to please any appetite.

Every time you visit Norma’s you will be served with freshly made dishes that will leave you in ugh. Some of the most amazing cuisines to sample are the Jamaican chowder with loads of crabmeat, shrimp, conch, and lobster; grilled whole or slight opened to season every slice. With the locally grown herbs and spices a regular red snapper meal will taste like it has been seasoned to the bones.

Other must have specialties when you visit Norma’s on the Terrace are grilled smoked pork loin in a teriyaki
or ginger sauce, served with the tasty caramelized apples. The restaurant opens from 10am to 10pm,
Mondays to Saturdays.

This is creation of one of Jamaica’s most fabulous businesswoman, Norma Shirley who creates her meals for the desiring and sophisticated diners from all over the Caribbean and world. Enjoy a lovely candlelit romantic dinner at Norma’s on the Terrace and be enthralled by their scrumptious dishes.