Dining in the Caribbean


Dining in the CaribbeanSeeking a unique Caribbean dining experience, you can try delicious Jamaican jerk, conch, or flying fish. Stylish, Caribbean restaurants will entice you with their formal dining experience while beach-side stands offer a taste of Caribbean island cuisine in a casual setting. The differences between the islands can mean a big change in ambiance and price range. While some islands are more likely to offer roadside stands, like vendors selling local foods, particularly famous in Jamaica, Belize or Trinidad & Tobago.

Others are known for their finer fare, where you are required to dress elegant. Reservations may not be necessary at some of these stylish ambiances on the more laid-back islands during the off-season, but it is always best to call in advance if you are unsure. The type of restaurant you choose to dine at will make a difference in the cost of a meal. While some places offer meals as low as about $5, others offer entrees that run as high as $60.

One of the most interesting aspects of Caribbean dining is the ability to try it all.  Sample a bite of the most enticing Caribbean cuisines you desire at the local vendors and in the nights, you can try dining at a delectable restaurant with an international flair. For the next couples of days you can try something truly local that may include the savory spices of Spanish cuisines to the tasteful French fare, you are sure to find something unique every time.

When it comes to the Caribbean, seafood is a natural specialty of the islands. With the enticing Creole mix of herbs and spices seafood dishes are so delicious that it melts into mouth with pleasure. When dining in the Caribbean, you can't forget the roti, which is a flour wrap with curried meat or vegetables or the buljol, which is shredded codfish shredded seasoned with onions, tomatoes, peppers and olive oil, served in a coconut bake.

Whether straight up, on the rocks, or mixed into a fruity beverage, rum is the top choice for island drinkers. Rum punch is one of the most popular mixed drinks, consisting of rum, lime juice, honey, nutmeg, and ice.  Some islands add extra flavors to the punch, where pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine are added. And in Jamaica, you can enjoy Jamaican coffee, coffee liqueur, and of course rum.

Caribbean dining will allow you to enjoy the tasty lobster salads, grilled snapper, crayfish casserole and spicy bean sauce at any of the best restaurants in the region. You might also notice that most everything on the islands is seafood based. For those simply searching for familiar flavors, many islands offer fast food and pizza, among other international styles. From Chinese to Italian, if you can name it, you can find it in the Caribbean.