Delicious Ways to Love Jamaica


Do you love Jamaica? Then this is the time to visit the island to enjoy it deliciously. Truly a wonderful place to have fun with all the shopping, restaurants, variety of entertainment scenes and mouth-watering foods, Jamaica is where you want to be with all the exciting opportunity to unwind. Sit on a beach with a refreshing coconut in hand and think of these delicious ways to love Jamaica.

Begin your exploits with spicy curries, rice and peas, peppery patties, escoveitched fish, callaloo, gungo pea’s soup, oxtail, cow foot and beans, mackerel run-dung, is your taste buds excited as yet. Kidney bean and rice is a Jamaican Sunday special and one of the top island favorites for you to enjoy. Cooked with the sweet coconut cream, rice and peas Jamaican style can be found at most of the restaurants island wide.

IMGP7132.JPG © by Chrysaora

Curry meals is another of the island’s delicious ways of preparing chicken or goat or any other meat dishes. Curries are normally served with plain rice, rice and peas, or dumplings. It is usually spicy with lots of scotch bonnet peppers mixed with herbs and spices, resulting in one of the most delicious meals you have ever tasted.

Since you are on the island, you must taste and enjoy a plate ackee and saltfish served with boiled dumplings and green banana or fried dumplings. This meal of ackee and saltfish is delicious and the national dish of the island. Once the ackee is prepared with fresh scallion, peppers, onion and saltfish, your taste buds will love the mouth-watering experience.

Then there is Jamaican jerk chicken or pork, or just about anything you want to taste jerk. This is one of Jamaica’s authentic foods where the seasoning goes straight to the bone. Excite your mouth with this delicious blend of flavors that melts in your mouth with each bit. From the aroma to the taste, you love Jamaican jerk foods.

Jerk chicken@The Jamaican Grill © by jetalone

Another delicious way to love the island is to grab some Jamaican patties and head for the beach. Offered in a variety of meat combinations, you will love the taste of chicken, veggie, beef or lobster patties. These delicious combinations of crusty loaves and spicy meat in the middle, is sold all over the island. You can purchase patties at Tastee and Juici restaurants to enjoy a great lunch. There are other Jamaican foods for you to enjoy such as escoveitched fish or steam callaloo with roast breadfruit or yam.

So, come to Jamaica and take an unforgettable culinary journey as you quench your thirst with real island food. Also try a cool glass of carrot, june plum or sour-sop juices. Enjoy!