Dasheene Restaurant & Bar


Settled within the walls of fabulous Ladera Resort, the wonderful Dasheene Restaurant and Bar invites you to an exceptional hillside experience in St. Lucia. This restaurant and bar is perched about 1000-feet above sea level as it provides breathtaking view of the Pitons. The atmosphere at Dasheene restaurant is rather laid-back but elegantly decorated. Perfect for families, couples or business travelers to enjoy the unique ambiance as you sink your teeth in the mouthwatering cuisines offered at the restaurant.

Dasheene restaurant is where the flavors of St. Lucia infuse with other rich Caribbean foods to create some of the most interesting Creole inspired meals you have ever tasted. Enjoy the array of seafood, chicken, pork or salads and soups menus that are tastefully presented at your table. Sip on refreshing cocktails at the Tcholit Bar to enjoy lively scene in the afternoons or evenings. This bar is opened each day from 9am until you say when, while there you can have fun with the fabulous combination of pre-dinner music show and cocktails. At the bar you can take in the spectacular view of the twin Pitons with the stunning Caribbean Sea beyond.


Indulge in the delicacies of the Caribbean and beyond as you find the perfect table with a view. Boasting menus to excite the taste buds with island flavors, Dasheene restaurant offer freshly prepared breakfast, lunches and dinners for the entire family to enjoy. Dasheene’s incredible range of delicious seafood, such as the tasty pan-fried shrimp with mesmerizing herbs and spices or a delicious fillet of beef with mashed sweet potatoes, will make you want to visit time and time again.

Breakfast © by DoktorSpinn

Enjoy an extraordinary Sunday Brunch at Dasheene restaurant to benefit from the creations of Chef Orlando and his crew. At the brunch you can taste and enjoy traditional St. Lucian delights like coconut soup, delicious roasted conch with marinated vegetables served in a stylish yam basket to eat. Don’t forget to try the Cajun Creole vegetable bakes or the coconut rum sauce. Hang out at the Sunday Brunch and listen to the Shak-Shak band playing your favorite island beats.

Dasheene Restaurant and Bar offers one of the best places to enjoy a unique Caribbean dining experience.