Caribbean Foodie Guide


A Caribbean food guide will inspire you to visit the islands to enjoy and learn about their unique culture and history. Spend some time on the islands and eat like ever before. Caribbean foods offer some of the most mouthwatering cuisine in this world, using only herb and natural spices to further enhance the taste and quality.

If you are a Caribbean foodie will enjoy the fresh and refined blend of traditional sauces, condiments, soups or even snacks. Caribbean foods will you bring closer to its variety and allow you to learn more about the range of food selection, from casual recipes such as rum punch to delicious curried shrimp or lobster. Caribbean recipes you will want to keep on hand for entertaining your guest.

Jerks © by Tom Anderson”]


Expect to taste jerk foods which brings lots of fun and flavor to your taste buds. Where would Caribbean food be without Jamaican jerk chicken or pork? These foods provide you with unique seasoning of herbs especially all-spice that is rub unto your choice of meat and allowed to marinade before cooking. This can be tried at home, as long you have all the right seasonings. Caribbean foods also seek to open your eyes to Pepperpot soup, salt fish fritters or mannish water which are some tasty and fun foods to try.

Caribbean foods are normally served with rice, yams, green boiled banana or with bammy and festivals. Festivals are sweet-flavored Johnny cakes fried in lots of oil.  Most Caribbean food require deep frying, meals such as escoveitched fish or Caribbean fried chicken, will have you buying a deep fryer to whip up these types of meals whenever you want.

Caribbean produce is varied, but there are a number of items you can find in your local grocery store, if you are not in the region. Produce like sweet potatoes, yams, plantains and scotch bonnet peppers are seen very often in main retail stores. If you do not see these produce, check out a native Caribbean store to get the best Caribbean produce available.

For that unique taste bud experience, keep cumin, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves in your pantry at all times. These flavorful collections will keep you preparing an array of Caribbean foods for your family and guests. Rum and coconut milk are two of the other ingredients you must have in your home.  You will notice when you begin to explore Caribbean recipes with these ingredients cooking, your favorite Caribbean food will be prepared with ease.

Caribbean food uses lots of affordable ingredients, making it a reasonable alternative to eating healthy. Try a Caribbean meal today and add some spice to your cuisine.