Caribbean Dining with a View


The Caribbean is not only famous for its sandy beaches and spectacular views, but for its impeccable range of dining options that boast gorgeous views. Whether it is a sea or mountain side view your dining pleasure in the islands will provide with the intense flavors and vibrant settings to enjoy. Add to this the array of African, British Creole, Spanish or French delights which offers some of the most mouth-watering dining experiences you ever had.

These restaurants combine a variety of Caribbean cuisines with spices and herbs while offering amazing island views across the charming landscape. Perched high above is Strawberry Hill Restaurant in Jamaica. This hillside oasis offers a panoramic view of the island beautiful landscape as it starches down to the sea. The formal and elegant ambience is complemented by the different dining settings. The Jade or Gold Rooms is a picture-perfect ambiance as it blends the best of Jamaican and international cuisines, whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dining with a View © by jmd41280

Situated on the grounds of Sandy Lane Resort, the delectable Spa Café is where you can enjoy an exceptional cuisine among superb surroundings. Celebrate a special occasion and allow the delicious flavors of each meal delight you. Overlooking a wonderful swimming pool as it hugs the cascading waterfall; Spa Café is styled for a joyful dining experience. Offering a casual menu of tasty soups, salads and sandwiches, the soothing atmosphere will tempt you to relax in their spa facility too.

It will be a pleasure for you to dine in a lovely old colonial house set on the waterway of beautiful Martinique. Boasting far-reaching sea views, Lili’s Beach Bar is where authentic French, Creole and a bit of Caribbean flair come together to create delicious cuisines. Sit on the terrace while you gaze at the stunning views of the sea. Ideally located on one of the most scenic parts of the island, Lili’s Restaurant offers you excellent menu option as you take in the breathtaking ocean views. Seafood menus are great at this restaurant as the meals are original and marvelously presented.

Dine with a View © by cjmartin

Nestled in tropical beauty, you will enjoy dining in the Caribbean as the islands offer fabulous culinary experience with delicious Caribbean foods while viewing some of the best coastal views ever!