Caribbean: Cheap Eats


The Caribbean is an oasis where you can enjoy all the delicious food of the islands on a budget. Affordable restaurants are found on every island, with some offering a bit more than others. Select a freshly prepared salad in the Bahamas or some jerk pork in Jamaica while you dine-in or take-out mouth-watering foods. With stews, curry, and jerk, Caribbean home cooked meals will leave you with the perfect venue for you to taste something new and expand your culinary horizons in the islands.

Escoveitched fish, coco bread and patties, curry goat or stewed peas are some of the delicious foods you will enjoy at cheap yet unique Caribbean restaurants. While in Jamaica, you will love the wide range of cheap places to eat good food like oxtails and beans. Visit Tastee or Juici restaurants in Jamaica which specializes in authentic island food. Offering an array of delicious foods and cheap prices, you can buy just about anything from a donut to spicy patties and freshly baked loaves.

Xujiahui © by michaelvito

With plain tables and chairs scattered throughout this hot spot and exciting island music playing in the air Oistins in Barbados offers more for less. Once you step inside this vibrant setting you can enjoy the array of light and healthy seafood. The flavor is spicy but done to perfection, taste the island’s best fish, shrimp or lobster cuisines without breaking the bank. Also enticing is the tasty tropical citrus salads served with your choice of seafood.

FUJI CURRY(UTSUNOMIYA) curry set C © by kimishowota

If you’re looking for something with a little kick, visit La Fuente Restaurant in Cuba. A place to enjoy deliciously prepared Cuban foods as you sit under an umbrella table to taste a ham, cheese or chicken sandwich. Enjoy a nice cool beer or sip on a refreshing Mojitos as the prices are reasonable. There is always a live band playing while you enjoy the settings.

Potters Cay in the Bahamas is where you can get authentic food at affordable prices. This casual setting allows you to sample and enjoy seafood and other delights from the variety of stall along the beach. Taste the amazing flavors of conch fritters, fish soup or fried chicken as you sit to enjoy the view of the bay. Grab a cold beer to quench your thirst and play a game of dominos with the local. Very laid-back and unique, Potters Cay is the ideal place to experience island charm on a budget.

Come hungry and you can fill up as these tropical oases will make you stretch your dollar. Always eat fresh local food from the local restaurants on the islands, what could be better than that?