Where Will You And Your Guests Stay After Your Wedding?


Having a destination wedding can be a hassle if you do not offer or suggest places where your guest can enjoy the rest of their time after the wedding. It’s very likely that your family and friends will be far away from their home town, especially if your wedding is in the Caribbean. So, as you go about planning each aspect of your destination wedding to the islands, consider where your guest can stay after your wedding to enjoy themselves.

Take a moment to organize a unique comfortable hotel or resort so your guest can relax after the event. With this in mind, here are some ideas to help make your guests accommodation more inviting without breaking the bank. The islands of the Caribbean has a lot of places of stay that are very budget-friendly and also offer amazing attractions to entertain your guests.

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You can start making your guests feel appreciated when you suggest fabulous places to stay that are nearby the venue. Before they arrive on the island you can organize that family or friends stay in the same hotel to receive special deals on group room rates. Search the internet for these amazing deals and book as earlier as possible to ensure they receive the best rooms.

Think about your guests, as you gather everything ahead of time to make them feel homely. Find out what type of entertainment is available or them to enjoy especially after the wedding. If possible, find out the meal choices for the picky ones, so you know their unique tastes will be covered. Not only does this suggestion save your guests some of the hassle of making trips to different restaurants, but shows them that you are grateful for their effort to attend your wedding so far from home.

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To entice their stays more, offer your guests lots of options to choose from beyond the standard settings. With extra time and a bit of creativeness you can help your guests find wonderful things to do and see, while you present a fabulous option for an entertaining and relaxed way for your family and friends to remember the time they spent in the Caribbean for your wedding.

Some all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean even offer complimentary wedding packages with a minimum stay for guests, which generally include everything for you and your guests to have a fantastic time after the ceremony. Of course, your guests can also enjoy the array of special upgrades and amenities if they want to indulge more!