Top 5 Caribbean Eco Resorts


For a moment put the usual and plunge into the natural beauty that surrounds the Caribbean. Book yourself into a lovely eco-resort that offers you a different realm of Caribbean vacation. With the white sands caressing your toes and the warm sunshine creating the perfect ambiance, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful eco-friendly holiday on the islands. Think of unique villas or cottages nicely perched in the forested areas while a refreshing river or stream gently passes by; this is where the top five Caribbean eco resorts fills your days with kissing breeze and exceptional activities.

1. Jungle Bay Resort and Spa, Dominica
Along the beautiful east coast of Dominica is an extraordinary eco-resort that provides pristine luxury in its amazing cottages. Here you will find wonderful jungle spa facilities where you can perfectly relax after a day of adventure. An exciting diving tour awaits you at Jungle Bay for to explore the warm water that is just a few steps away. All your desires will be met as you swim in the resort’s exclusive volcanic stone swimming pool. Excite the taste buds with organic fresh fruits and vegetables from the on-site farm.

2. Mango Bay Cottages, Grenada
A charming eco-resort with wooden cottages which ideally represent Caribbean getaway, the Mango Bay Cottages overlooks the secluded bay on Grenada’s west coast. Located just 10-minutes from Concord Falls, Mango Bay resort is a cozy place situated in a hidden cove. Surrounded by stunning tropical gardens, this eco-resort offers a special flair on Grenada’s edge of the Caribbean Sea in its unique-island inspired cottages. All are self-catering equipped with small kitchens, but a fabulous on-site restaurant called Caribbean Restaurant provides delicious lunches and dinners. Discover Grenada´s west coast by snorkeling or kayaking foe an unforgettable eco-experience.

3. Young Island Resort, St Vincent & the Grenadines
Stay among the fruit trees, blooming flowers, and singing birds that surrounds the adorable Young Island Resort. A 5-minute boat ride will take you across the clearest water you have ever seen to Young Island that lies south of St. Vincent. Tucked away for the perfect eco-friendly vacation in the Caribbean, Young Island meets your expectations with unspoilt nature and pristine beauty amid the 29- cool cottages. Creating a hidden treasure among lush tropical bliss, this resort allow you to experience the mesmerizing factor of Young Island as you discover the beautiful clear waters which is utterly perfect for fantastic eco-vacation.

4. Balenbouche Estate, St. Lucia
A stunning plantation house that boasts secluded villas, the Balenbouche Estate sits on the southwestern coast of St. Lucia. The estate is a historical realm with its organic farm that borders beaches and the simple designs of 18th century decor. Balenbouche is the perfect place for yoga retreats as you are surrounded by fruit and flowering gardens, natural stone showers and antique furniture. Take a stroll through the grounds to admire the old trees, momentous aqueducts along the nature trail, where the private beach is moments away. Serene and blissful this is where you move about at your own pace, Balenbouche Estate blend together nature and harmony to create an incredible eco-friendly vacation in the Caribbean.

5. Tubagua Village Retreat, near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
An eco-friendly resort that commands your attention, Tubagua Village Retreat is wonderful hideaway located 1000-feet above sea level, behind the mountains in Puerto Plata. Everything at the village says eco, from the outdoor gym, spa facilities even the warm Jacuzzis and shower areas are uniquely design with an eco-pattern. With fantastic ocean views from the rooms and patios, this friendly resort is one of the top Caribbean resorts to spend a few day with as the facilities are uniquely created with ecological amenities.

The Caribbean uniqueness is present throughout the islands, as it exists in perfect harmony with its nature. Stay among the tropical surrounding on your favorite island to enjoy your amazing eco-resort that makes your reconnect with nature on the islands.