The Nicest Hotel Rooms in the Caribbean


Labeled as the nicest place to stay in the Caribbean, hotel rooms come in all designs that depict the culture of each island. Caribbean hotels are exceptional facilities that make the island the perfect destination for honeymooners, families or individuals. Sprawling over acres of pristine beauty along the islands coast line or among the tropical bliss, hotel rooms provides luxury accommodation which is designed to be flexible and comfortable as you stay in a villa, villa suite and deluxe room. From romantic hideaways to grand hotels here are some of the nicest hotel rooms in the Caribbean.

W Vieques Resort, Puerto Rico
It is the Caribbean that you dreamt of as you awake in elegant rooms that overlooks tropical gardens and stunning shorelines. W Vieques rooms are to die for, with amazing colors of cream, beige and touches of red, the room’s character symbolizes the perfect escape to the gorgeous settings. Relax in one of the signature rooms of W Retreat and Spa, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico to play with the natural ambiance of its furnishings. A peaceful haven where you can rediscover the charms of Caribbean hotels, W Vieques features large plush bed with fluffy pillows for you to rest in their dreamy rooms. With luxurious blends of natural and vibrant Caribbean colors, these rooms are eclectically stylish as the polished floors and the large glass windows and doors let you view the delightful coast. Discover the astonishing W Vieques bathtub that is simple and antique and is one of the masterpieces you will see in the resort’s room.

Cap Maison Resort and Spa, St. Lucia
Combining comfort, style, allure with exceptional amenities and services, Cap Maison Resort offers 49 beautiful rooms with breathtaking views of St. Lucia. A secluded haven that sits atop a cliff on the island’s northwest coast, Cap Maison is truly what Caribbean dreams are made of. Uncompromising with its décor each room is nicely design to meet all your expectations of Caribbean appeal. Intended to lure you to its Spanish Caribbean décor, you will enjoy the spacious settings of the room with ocean views. Passion for Caribbean beauty stands out, as detailed furnishings balances the amazing colors of the cedar doors and windows. Stand on your private balcony as the cool breeze passes you by.

Cap Juluca, Anguilla
With gorgeous oceanfront room what more could you want from your Caribbean vacation. Well, Cap Juluca room are adorable from the first sight, you will feel enchanted when you step inside of the Moorish design rooms. Step unto the private terraces to enjoy the soft Caribbean breeze, turn to excite the senses with the spectacular shades of white as the large comfy bed beckons you to plunge in. Wander around the spacious and cool ambiance that stately say you are in tropical paradise as you view the unique style of the flooring. The louvered plantation windows add the extra touch of your own haven in a luxury oceanfront suite.

Give in to the relaxing luxury of Caribbean hotel rooms; live in breathtaking beauty on your Caribbean vacation as they beckon you to indulge in your own exclusive retreat. Succumb to the wonders, dive into a rejuvenating Caribbean room to sample the best holiday ever!