Iberostar Varadero


Your Cuban vacation will never be the same when you stay at the stunning Iberostar Varadero Hotel. Located about 40-minutes from Varadero International Airport, this 5-star hotel sits on the beautiful Varadero Beach in Punta Hicacos. This fabulous beach is set on the narrow Hicacos cape on the northern coast of Cuba, with the Varadero golf course nearby. Ideal for families, couple or singles you want enjoy a grand time in Cuba. Iberostar Varadero is a charming colonial style hotel which displays a wonderful range of quality amenities and services.

A natural and a breathtaking spot as it overlook the vibrant Atlantic Ocean. The hotel consists of 386 comfy rooms with double bed or queen bed for couples, safety deposit box, internet access, mini bar and balcony or terrace. Holidays at Iberostar Varadero will be an intriguing mix of the island’s cultural attractions, which combines relaxation, entertainment, wellness spa, and the best Cuban and international cuisines you have ever tasted.

Iberostar © by Redeo

During the days you can enjoy activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or lyme by the sandy shores listening to the gentle laps of water to the shoreline. Visit nearby Cardenas City, swim with dolphins at the aquarium or enjoy the virgin beach at the nearby nature reserve. By night, attend an entertaining live show with colorful costumes, while you eat delicious Cuban and international cuisines.

Iberostar Varadero invites you live some of the most enjoyable experiences in Cuba. You can swim in one of the pools or revitalize the body at stylish spa with a fabulous treatment. Soak in the spa’s own swimming pool or sauna as you have fun with fun with your luxury Cuban holiday. Whether you want to enjoy the magnificent facilities on-site or explore the many attractions in the city of Varadero, Iberostar Varadero offers it all.

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This enchanting new hotel brings European style to the warmth and delight of Cuba. Iberostar Varadero brings you the best approach to enjoy vacation in Cuba and the Caribbean. Iberostar will arouse your fascination with a tour of the nearby attraction of Ciudad de la Habana. Visit the city of Varadero which is just a few meters from Iberostar to take in the captivating insight into the island’s allure while you dance to the pulsating beats of Cuba.