Hôtel Le Toiny


Hotel Le Toiny Romance begins at Hotel Le Toiny. Situated in Côte Sauvage, St. Barthélemy’s Morne Vitet overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Hôtel Le Toiny is a private and fashionable accommodation in the French West Indies. Relax on the white sandy beaches, swim in the pools, or savor Creole cuisine until your hearts satisfied.

Hôtel Le Toiny invites you to the luxurious rooms of vibrant French colonial style décor. Opening its doors in 1992, Hôtel Le Toiny is a 15 bungalow-styled hotel, with lovely shades of pastel colors that gently rises over the island lagoon. The rich vegetation that surrounds the property and the ‘do not disturb sign”, gives the thought of a remarkable beginnings to enjoy.

Hôtel Le Toiny is a haven positioned on gorgeous St Barth’s landscape and is home to a diverse mix of wildlife, blooming cactus, fabulous beaches as well as luxury yachts and boutiques. A genuine beauty that creates a paradise within the hills of a 17-hectare estate, visitors will cherish the lovely palm groves and the intimate sanctuary that overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

Step from any one of the three glass bay doors directly onto the patio, complete with a cool swimming pool and patio furnishings. Hôtel Le Toiny’s Serenity Spa Cottage offers a delightful breather for pampering treatments, where you can be plunge in a therapeutic and sensory experience. You can pamper yourself in these treatments in the spa cottage or in the privacy of your suites.

The infinity pool or the white sandy beach, makes bathing a moment of sheer bliss. With so much fun activities to do and see, Hôtel Le Toiny offer a fitness center, hiking tours, horseback riding, fishing, sailing, water-skiing, diving, canoeing, snorkeling, and surfing.

Hôtel Le Toiny offers delicious meal options for a romantic evening out at their stylish Le Gaïac restaurant, with its roofed open-air terrace that overlooks the ocean. Masterfully preparing inspired French cuisine with native Creole accents, your taste buds will love the flavors.
Influenced by plantations of the Caribbean, the Le Gaiac Restaurant serves creative meals in relaxed surroundings. Enjoy a refreshing drink at the La Case Lounge or order from the 24-hour room service available.

With the clear blue waters of the beach beckoning to take a dip, you can also enjoy swimming or stroll along the romantic path of the private beach.

Looking for a unique and privileged place to spend a dream vacation, let Hôtel Le Toiny luxury accommodation create the perfect theme and enjoy the most beautiful part of St. Barth’s landscape and culture.