Caribbean Hotels With the Highest Traveler Ratings


By defining the exceptional difference with its amazing allure, Caribbean hotels have been voted and branded as some of the best places to stay and relax in the world. Providing excellent amenities and remarkable services hotels in the Caribbean will always stand out as being comfy yet boasting some of the highest traveler ratings on earth. For this reason every year delightful travelers flock the chores of their favorite Caribbean isle to experience once in a lifetime accommodation that enhances their tropical vacation further. For you unique taste and desire visit any of these highly recommended hotels in the region.

Cap Juluca, Maundays Bay, Anguilla
Exclusively sits on 180 acres of pristine beauty, Cap Juluca Resort will captivate your senses with its beautiful Moorish designs that stretch along 2-miles of beach. The resort offers amazing spa treatment and evokes royal fantasies at every turn. Pamper yourself within the inspired array of secluded villas that makes you enjoy your Caribbean vacation to the fullest. Whatsoever the body and mind calls for Cap Juluca Resort will create, with serene golf course and breathtaking beach to venture on an exciting water sport, the resort will leisurely pamper you with its delicious complimentary breakfast buffet.

Cap Juluca, Anquilla © by tiarescott

Tiamo Resort, South Andros Island, the Bahamas
The eco-friendly yet stylish hotel of Tiamo Resort is where you want to be this winter. Surround by tropical bliss, Tiamo secluded 10-cottages offers a slice of paradise. Experience the natural essence of spa treatments with exotic products of the island. Savor the taste of delicious food as the chef personally serves you your favorite seafood cuisines. Sink into the comfortable surroundings cool rooms that are powered totally by the sun. This resort is a classic on its own as you dive into the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Caves, Negril, Jamaica
Smooth and sophisticated, the Caves offer the perfect hideaway along Jamaica’s west coast. Spend your days in the intimate setting of caverns while the spectacular beauty of the Caribbean Sea beckons you to take a dip. Everything is always perfect at the Caves Resort as this limestone haven creates a different realm into Caribbean hospitality. Stay at this unique setting that is nicely tucked away from the busy resort areas, to enjoy a world of luxury as you nestle on a comfy bed or spa table for a rewarding massage.

Ladera Resort, St Lucia
Sitting thousands of feet above the blue Caribbean Sea with the stunning Piton Mountains in the backdrop, the Ladera Resort is a private and special hotel that evokes the soul of luxury. Boasting wonderful amenities and pleasing services. Ladera will pamper you with is alluring beauty from any angle of its wall-less rooms. Totally secluded with breathtaking views of Caribbean sunsets, this hotel is highly rated for its magical touch of tropical beauty, Ti Kai Posé Spa and amazing garden pools.

Sandy Lane Resort, St. James, Barbados
Outstanding with cool features, Sandy Lane is located on the western coast of Barbados. The feel of intimacy within any of its 112 rooms as it nestles on about 700-acres of pristine beauty. Offering marvelous amenities and exceptional services, this hotel caters to all types of travelers. Experience the Caribbean like no other as Sandy Lane takes you on a culinary journey at its L’Acajou restaurant. Serving freshly prepared seafood cuisines under the towering mahogany trees, you will enjoy the pleasant ambiance that Sandy Lane offers. Simply put, Sandy Lane Resort is to die for.

From the dramatic mountain side hotels to the lovely beachfront villas, Caribbean hotels offers you a relaxing haven to enjoy the charming islands with courteous Caribbean warmth.