Caribbean Club


Located on Grand Cayman Island perched above the beautiful sands of the popular Seven Mile Beach, Caribbean Club is a hotel to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Caribbean. Situated a few minutes from the capital city of George Town, Caribbean Club is perfect for families with children and couples alike. Offering a wide range of amazing amenities, your time spent at Caribbean Club will be most worthwhile.

This hotel provides a flawless scene with alluring wonders that surrounds every inch of its landscape. Caribbean Club ambiance is one which is intimate yet luxurious as it tempts you with its inviting rooms that feature a range of stunning décor to suit your taste. If you are a sensitive vacationer who wants a luxury home away from home feel, Caribbean Club offers 37 apartment-style settings and 3 villas that are 15-minutes away from the Owen Roberts International Airport.

You will find the surroundings very appealing as you step inside the spacious guestrooms that give you a picture-perfect view of the magnificent Seven Mile Beach. Relax and be at home and allow the unique amenities such as luxuriously decorated baths, and the most comfortable beds with soft pillows and crisp linens proven a restful haven for you o enjoy. Everything intertwines smoothly at Caribbean Club as the comfort of a lavish ambiance is where you can blend beauty with exciting activities to create an unforgettable experience on Grand Cayman.

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Play, laugh and meet new friends as you enjoy a game of golf or tennis. Attending to your every concern, Caribbean Club will entertain the kids while you pamper yourselves in their sensuous spa facilities. For large or small groups Caribbean Club also provide a realm of freedom to bask in the hotel’s great facilities as you take a finger-licking journey to their al fresco Ristorante Luca restaurant. Dine and enjoy an array of Italian cuisines while you savor the taste of extraordinary foods on the island.

Although Caribbean Club is a comfortable residence hotel, it also boasts luxurious compliments of 5-star lodging. Revel in the 24-hour concierge service, room service, daily housekeeping, and grocery shopping service. Relax under the beach cabanas to enjoy the gentle Caribbean breeze while sipping on a cool cocktail.

Caribbean Club is a personalized setting that has all the exceptional amenities and services for a cherished vacation in the Caribbean.