Romantic Ways to Propose in The Caribbean


Looking for some unique and romantic ways to propose to the one you love in the Caribbean? From the top of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica to the scenic spots along Tobago’s coastline, there is no doubt that popping the question in the Caribbean is at the top of just about every romantic proposal list. Check out some of our ideas for a classic, romantic Caribbean proposal!

Get On Your Knees at Seven Miles Beach

Beach Proposal ideas

Popping the question to your girlfriend on the beautiful seven miles beach in Jamaica is a great beach proposal idea. This magnificent beach has a wonderful stretch of sand and warm turquoise water. Once there, tell her to ask someone to take your picture together, and when she returns just get down on one knee.

Dinner With a Bedroom Proposal

caribbean proposal

Arrange a surprise proposal with a lovely dinner for two on your favorite Caribbean island. Take your love out to dinner. Give her all the hints that you are going to pop the question at dinner– the flowers, her favorite food, champagne and her favorite desserts. But whatever you do don’t. Yes, find a way to leave her disappointed or even angry.

Instead, organize with your hotel manager to turn off all the lights in your room and make a trail of rose petals and candles that leads to a heart of light and flowers positioned around the ring. So when she gets back to the room mad or even threatening to leave or to breakup with you this is what she finds.

Pop The Question On A Live Stream Channel

lie stream dinner proposal

Set up a channel online and invite all of your friends and family to watch your proposal (or rejection) live! You can put together a dinner that includes treats like dark chocolate or even fresh fruit, whatever you guys like. Make sure the stream is up and everyone can see and hear. Hide the ring among her treats and when she finds it, ask the question. Remember, your family and those closest to you are watching so don’t get too carried away and do something that will make them blush, before you disconnect! I’m just saying, you can get caught up in the moment!

There are so many romantic ways for you to propose in the Caribbean. Choose from one of our ideas above or just go with what feels natural to you, yeah. No pressure.

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