What to Eat While Visiting the Caribbean


The Caribbean provides amazing sandy beaches, fabulous sunrises and sunsets and tropical rainforest o enjoy. But there is more to the island than just wonderful attractions, try eating some of the most delicious foods the Caribbean has to offer on your trip to the region. Caribbean foods are a combination of African, Spanish, French and Indian styles. These cuisines are evidence from its early days as the island was once colonized by these settlers.

Rice, yams, green bananas is the staple served in the islands with whatever meat r vegetable choice. You can enjoy a meal with boil dumplings, yams and bananas with stew pork and slices of pear. A Caribbean avocado is very nutritious and is one of the must-eat foods of the islands to enjoy, once in season no meal is completed without slices of avocados. It is also the main ingredient in guacamole dips and other recipes. When it comes to rice dishes in the Caribbean, there is a variety of ways to sample the delicious combinations. You will eat rice with red kidney beans boiled in coconut milk or season with the islands unique herbs and spices for that extra appeal.

Enjoy goat meat in Jamaica, Haiti and Guadeloupe, whether it is curried or brown stewed. The goat meat can be enjoyed in other menus such as mannish water, this tasty soup is a favorite o enjoy, especially in the Christmas season when to festivities are on high. Another Caribbean favorite to eat is Pelau, this meals is a blend of chicken, beef, pig tail, codfish, vegetables, herbs and spices with rice and pigeon peas.

Being island in the tropics seafood is one of the most common Caribbean cuisines to eat while visiting the island. Whether you like it steam, roast or fried, you will enjoy the array of seafood delights such as lobster, fish or shrimp. These meals will be done in spicy to mild dishes for a mesmerizing and enticing taste of the islands. Moreover, each island will introduce you to their unique seafood delicacies such as flying fish in Barbados or Trinidad and Tobago bake n’ shark foods.
These are just a few of the mouthwatering delights you must eat while visiting the Caribbean.