What is Oxtail?


To make hearty, flavorful meals use oxtail to spice up your dinner choices. Oxtail is actually the name given to the tail of cattle. This can weigh up to 4 lbs per tail, where the skin is peel off and the joints are cut into small pieces to reveal a bony, gummy meat. Oxtail can be used in a variety of ways and in the Caribbean, the islands usually slow-cooked it to create delicious stews or soup.

Enjoy a plate of oxtail with beans, served with mashed potatoes and leafy green salads. Or taste a bowl of oxtail soup with carrots, dumplings and other local Caribbean produce. You can learn how to cook these delicious meals by purchasing enough oxtail to serve the entire family. Once you bring home the oxtail, wash it off properly.

braised oxtail © by stu_spivack

Add seasoning like, onion, thyme, scotch bonnet pepper, pimento seeds, a bit of salt and all-purpose seasoning. Rub all these ingredients together and allow it to marinade the oxtail for about 45-minutes. When the oxtail is ready, heat a flat sauce pan to brown the oxtails in, add some oil to the hot pan then remove the seasoning from the oxtail and gently put t in the heated pan. When the oxtail is browned to your desired color and all done, remove pan and place a large stewing pot on the stove.

In this pot you will add the remaining seasonings, a bit of browning for a richer color, some ketchup for thick gravy and cover pot for the oxtail to cook until tender on a low flame. Test to see if the oxtail is tendered enough then add a tin of large lima beans. Taste to ensure your oxtail has the perfect flavor, if it is okay you can turn off the heat. Serve your spicy oxtail with plain white rice or enjoy this delightful meat with your favorite bread or salad.