What is Jerk Chicken?


Jerk Chicken Taste the flavors of Jamaica, as delicious jerk chicken melts away in your mouth. Jamaica is known for its fabulous range of mouth-watering cuisines and with hot and spicy jerk chicken you will enjoy everything this Caribbean island has to offer.

Jerk Chicken is a Jamaican way of preparing chicken with marinated blends of herbs and spices, this famous meal will have you licking your fingers to the bone. Jerk chicken is prepared by rubbing ample amount of scotch bonnet peppers, scallion and thyme, garlic, and a variety of other ingredients to a taste of delightful happenings.

A good jerk sauce has a strong spicy kick with a hint of sweetness to it. To cook Caribbean Jerk Chicken, cut the chicken into your desired size not too small, marinade chicken with the jerk spices of fresh herbs and spices of the island (or get a bottle of real Jamaica Jerk Seasoning from the grocery store) preferably, marinate chicken from overnight.

By doing all the tasty flavors will soak to the bones of your chicken. Just before you start to cook the chicken, you will need to prepare an open grill, while a hot Red Stripe Beer is close by. Once the fire is properly lit and not too high, place as much chicken on the grill and cover for a few minutes. Check on your chicken at regularly intervals as the chicken will burn and come out too dark.

Sprinkle some of the Red Stripe Beer on the jerk chicken to allow the flavors of the smoke to penetrate the chicken. You can dip the chicken in some of the leftover sauce, if it gets too dry. In addition to jerk chicken, you can apply the same blend of herbs and spices to your favorite beef, pork, fish, and shrimp or sausage dishes to get the unique flavors of the Caribbean. But most of all, to get the Jamaican Jerk Chicken authentic flavor of exceptional taste, the secret is actually in the type of aromatic wood used. In Jamaica an allspice wood called pimento is use to create a wonderful Jerk chicken.

The pimento wood and leaves are use when jerking the chicken to develop the distinctive jerk flavor. However, most Jamaicans do not use this method any more, but opt for steel pans made into jerk pan. These can be seen all over the island on the main thoroughfares.

Serve your Jamaican Jerk Chicken with sweet fried plantains, bammy or festivals, (a sweet flavored fried dumpling made with sugar, cornmeal and flour but longer) and fresh vegetables. Enjoy the taste of the reggae island as the delicious chicken tempts you for another piece.

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