What is Conch?


Conch is the edible meat of a large shell. In the Caribbean these wonderful and tasty delight is used to create some of the most amazing seafood you have ever tasted. Found along the coast of the islands or on the sea beds of the sea, these spiral shell meat has been a source of food for the people of the Caribbean for years. The conch has many uses that ranges from eating it raw to cooking it in soups, stews or fried.

In the Caribbean, conch has it season when this tasty seafood becomes available for you to enjoy, during the months of July to September. There are two varieties on conch, Strombus and Cassis. Of these two, the Strombus is more ideal and useful to cook a fabulous meal. Conch has a long snail feature body when harvested; you can eat and cook just about all of it.

Conch shell 5 © by creativedc

Watch the local fishermen in the Caribbean creatively remove the conch from shell as they trim t for you to enjoy. Sometimes before you buy conch, it is tenderized because the meat is rather tough to chew. Seafood cuisines in the Caribbean often include conch in their menus, such as conch chowder, conch stew, conch salad, or conch fritters. The shell of the conch is also used to make amazing jewelry to wear or used as a horn, because it spiral chambers create a loud but unique sound.

Conch Salad © by Elessar

When selecting conch on the islands, you should look for hard and white pieces that do not look slippery or tarnished. Preferably, conch must be stored in freezing temperatures or a well- cool place, if you did not buy the conch fresh from a fisherman. Please note that conch can only stay for a period of about two days in the freezer or used immediately when fresh.