Top 10 Caribbean Rums


Rum and more rum, there is no fun until you have tasted some Caribbean rums. The Caribbean islands are home to several rums that come in many different flavors for you to enjoy on your trip. These rums are brewed from some of the finest ingredients and that is why the unique flavor of these rums stands out.

On many of the islands rum tours are available for example Appleton Estate in Jamaica, or Bacardi in Puerto Rico. For cool cocktails, try clear rums like White Rum of Jamaica so your drinks color doesn’t change. The darker rums like Captain Morgan of Puerto Rico are best used with Pepsi of coke-cola. However, flavored rums are the preferred choice when it comes to cocktails, such as the Shillingford Estate Rum from Dominica. Here are to top 10 best Caribbean rums to enjoy.

1. Appleton Estate, Jamaica
Be fascinated with the famous Appleton Rum and let the golden yellow rum seduces your every mood. Enjoy the aroma and the smooth taste of honey toasted blend which makes a superb mixer for refreshing cocktails.

© by laura padgett

2. Don Q Rum, Puerto Rico
Short for Don Quixote, Don Q is rum with a rich past. Not only is Don Q well-liked in Puerto Rico but the distillery offers rum tours that is free. You try the wide variety of Don Q Cristal and Gold Rums, which offer amazing flavors of coconut, lime or passion fruit. Go grand and enjoy the Grand Anejo Don Q that is aged for a minimum of 12 years to taste the toasted blends of caramel, wood and cinnamon.

© by My Aching Head

3. Clarke’s Court, Grenada
With a touch of sweetness and a hint of spice the Clarke’s Court Rum is one of the best tasting rum in the Caribbean. Sip this warm smooth rum as the rich golden color ideally mixes with your favourite drink. Blended and aged to perfection in traditional oak bourbon barrels, you can purchase and enjoy the special dark one with its mellow and mild taste.

4. Mount Gay Rum, Barbados
One of the oldest rum in the Caribbean, Mount Gay rum is a rich golden color with a touch of butterscotch caramel that adds the extra sweetness to it. Enjoy the smooth and warming flavor as you pour some over ice, or mix it your Pina Coladas and Hurricane Punch, to add the Caribbean flavor to your drinks.

Mount Gay Rum © by reynolds.james.e

5. Pusser’s, British Virgin Islands
Pusser’s is a brand name rum produced in Tortola. With its scotch, whisky and molasses taste this rum boasts a popular cocktail called Painkiller. Pusser’s is actually a single malted rum that is aged for about 15-years to the remarkable taste of cinnamon, woody spice, citrus and spices which makes a wonderful sipping rum.

6. Rhum Barbancourt, Haiti
Perfectly aged for about 15years, this premium dark rum is distilled twice in copper pot stills and is referred to as the Cognac of Rum. A neat sipping rum, Rhum Barbancourt possesses a vibrant flavour that stands out with its 5 unique rum flavors. Try any of these, Rhum Barbancourt White, Pango Rhum, Rhum Barbancourt 3-Star, Rhum Barbancourt 5- Star and Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve.

7. Ron Barceló, Dominican Republic
The secret of a great rum shines through Ron Barceló rum as the vibrant flavors of Añejo, Gran Añejo, Dorado and Blanco allow you to savor the mouth-warming taste of the island. Boasting from amber to white shades of rum, Ron Barceló will naturally take over rum quest in the Caribbean. Smooth and ready-to-mix, this rum is an excellent choice for your cocktails.

8. Tortuga Rum, Cayman Islands
The legacy of rum lives on in Tortuga Rum with its popular spice flavor. Enjoy a glass while visiting the islands and don’t forget to add a slice of Tortuga Rum cake to the mix.

9. Cruzan Rum, St. Croix
A century-old rum that offers a sweet aroma which infuse the warm air as you sip a glass. Cruzan Rum is produced in 15 varieties, to include Black Strap, 151 Proof, Single Barrel Estate, Light Two Year and Dark Two Year. Enjoy the tropical flavors such as banana, black cherry, citrus, coconut, guava, mango, pineapple and others as you value the extraordinary line of Cruzan Rums.

10. Malibu Rum, Barbados
Yet another fantastic surprise for rum lovers, Malibu Rum is flavored rum made with natural coconut extract. When in Barbados enjoy a Malibu rum cocktail with some crush pineapple for a unique taste of the island. Today, the rum has added a few flavors for you to savor the melon, banana, mango and passion fruits tastes.

Add some rum to your favourite drinks to enjoy the flavors of the Caribbean islands at home.