Take A Break: Restaurants in the Caribbean


The beach isn’t everything – well, not quite when it comes to the Caribbean. Relax from the pressures of nothingness and embark on a journey of deliciousness at one of the restaurants in the Caribbean. While the classic image of a Caribbean island vacation includes sunshine, hotel or resort accommodation, crystalline waters, and chilled cocktails on the beach —- the food is often overlooked.

Restaurants in the Caribbean

Dining on the islands might not be as posh as it is in London, New York or Paris. However, there are more than enough restaurants offering tantalizing temptations that will make most foodies swoon.

Eating out should be part of your Caribbean holiday and lifestyle experience, especially in the summer months. This usually means a plate of freshly fried fish, bammies, lobsters, spicy jerk shrimp or crabs washed down with a cold beer or coconut water at one of the many eateries along the beach. Another favorite is the authentic flavors that still ring wonderfully true for the Jamaican style jerk chicken or pork. There are also restaurants serving impeccable and exquisitely-prepared international dishes. These international cuisines can normally be found at the resorts and hotels where the chefs are known for incorporating fresh garden vegetables and herbs in their meals.

There are plenty of restaurants serving mouthwatering food on all the islands, there are also restaurants serving mediocre food as well. However, if you stick to the simple things, like traditional grilled meats or fried fish, you can’t go wrong. It is worth mentioning that the good restaurants can get very busy during the summer months, so either go early or book a table.

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