Caribbean Food


yummySimply tasty and mouthwatering food to enjoy, Caribbean foods are a fusion of African, Amerindian, British, Spanish, French, Dutch, Indian, and Chinese cuisines. These special traditions were brought from the many homelands that once colonized the region. In addition, the people of the Caribbean have created styles that are only unique to the islands.

Taste a delicious goat stew which is the official national dish of Montserrat and is also one of the signature dishes of St. Kitts and Nevis. It is a tomato-based stew, made with goat meat, breadfruit, green papaya and dumplings. Or try a dish of Pelau, which combines varied meats such as chicken, beef, saltfish and or pigeon peas with vegetables and rice. Steam Callaloo is a dish containing a leafy vegetable which is sometimes mixed with okra or saltfish, with its distinctive flavor of African character.

Rice is the staple of most Caribbean meals and isn't complete without a generous helping of sauces and beans. In each island you will find the meals a bit different when it comes to rice. Some season their rice or add peas and other herbs and spices, such as coconut and pimento seeds. While seafood is one of the most popular Caribbean food to enjoy the unique delicacies of the islands.

Each island will have its own specialty when it comes to preparing seafood, nevertheless you will enjoy the delicious taste of lobster, shrimp, conch, plus a variety of fish and other sea foods. Go on the wild and taste the flying fish menu in Barbados or try the bake and shark in Trinidad and Tobago. Food plays an essential role in the traditions of the islands, and for this reason there are many food festival s and feast for you to taste the delight of the regions. Amazing cooks spend days preparing menus for holidays, events and special family gatherings.

The foods of the Caribbean are like a combination of cultural quilt, which boasts a spectacular way of island traditions. Here are some exceptional foods you might come across when exploring mouth-watering Caribbean culinary adventure:

Ackee: Served with saltfish, hot peppers and onions, this yellow fruit is a part of the national dish of Jamaica.

Carambola or Star fruit:  Its shape when cut cross-ways resembles a star while it is juicy and golden in color, used mainly in desserts or salads.

Chutney: A blend of cooked tropical fruits and vegetables flavored with peppers and spices. Mango chutney is a traditional accompaniment to curries.

Curry Dishes: Curries are highly seasoned gravy-based dishes; this includes the spicy flavor coriander, cumin, turmeric, black and cayenne peppers, among others. Caribbean cooks add these spices to chicken goat meat or seafood.

Guava: A bright orange to red tropical fruit about the size of a small lemon. Used in compotes, pastes and jellies. Guavas are extremely flavored and are delicious served with cream cheese and spread on breads or crackers.

Jerk: Referred to the process of rubbing spices and hot peppers onto meat in order to tenderize and preserve them. There are many jerk seasoning combination in the islands, most of which call for scallions, thyme, allspice, hot peppers, onions and garlic with the special pimento wood to give the jerk meat its unique flavor.

Mango A tropical fruit which varies in color from green to bright red. Its juicy flesh is yellow, firm and sweet, and can be eaten raw or as used in marinades, sauces, ice creams and sorbets. Green mangoes are used in chutney preparations.

Plantain: Plantains are the larger version of bananas and can be eaten green or ripe once cooked.  Green or ripe plantains are often sliced and fried in a seasoned batter. But the green plantains are mainly used for crispy chips.

Sorrel: A red tropical flower that is used to make a cool drink especially during the Christmas season. It is boiled with other ingredients such as ginger, cloves, orange zest and then sweetened with dark sugar and rum. Great for making jams and jellies, this spicy beverage is a refreshing treat. 

Stamp and Go: Codfish patties fried in oil and flavored with onions, annatto, and peppers. Mostly popular in Jamaica, stamp and go is a tasty meal to have.

Caribbean FoodTamarind: The fruit of a very large tree, as the brown sweet to sour fruit, produces a jaw-dropping experience to taste. Used in chutneys, curries and Worcestershire sauce.