Best Beers in the Caribbean


So what are the best Caribbean beers? Well, that depends on what island you’re on. Just like the islands themselves and the types of vacations that can be enjoyed in the Caribbean, every island has its own flavor. The same is true about the unique beers that can be found throughout this paradise. There are over 15 different types of beers that are brewed in the Caribbean, many of which rarely leave the shores of their country. These beers are usually light and smooth lagers that are brewed for the tropics – which make them refreshing to drink on a hot day. For your drinking pleasure, here is our list of the best Caribbean beers.

#5 Kubuli

Kubuli beer
A household name in Dominica Kubuli is easily the most sought-after beer on the island. This light, German style lager is made with spring water from the “nature island” of the Caribbean and has 5.0% alcohol volume.

#4 Carib Lager

Caribbean beer
Carib Lager is a full bodied, clear and refreshing lager brewed in Trinidad, which is iconic to the island and its culture. This Caribbean beer is one of the heavy hitters with a 5.2% alcohol volume per bottle. Carib is an easy-to-drink lager and is one of the oldest of the Caribbean beers. This lager is brewed from a century’s old British recipe and has the perfect balance between malt and hops, both sweet and bitter.

#3 Kalik

Kalik beer
Kalik is a lightish, golden lager and the national beer of the Bahamas It is one of the strongest lagers available in the Caribbean with 7 percent alcohol by volume. Kalik has a decent kick and is available in several versions, including the heavier “gold” version.

#2 Presidente

Presidente beer
Presidente is another great Caribbean beer and an incredibly light one. This beer is a product of the Dominican Republic and is o mid-bodied lager that is a bit on the sweet side. Presidente is aimed at quenching thirst, has 5 percent alcohol by volume and is the most popular beer in the island.

#1 Red Stripe Beer

Red Stripe beer
When it comes to Caribbean beers, the one that first comes to mind is Red Stripe. Brewed in Kingston, Red Stripe is a world-renowned export from Jamaica like reggae and rum. This Jamaican lager is a full-bodied beer with a uniquely sweet malty flavor. There’s also a Red Stripe Light version of the beer, if you want something lighter to drink.

So when you are relaxing and are looking for a beer to quench your thirst one of these Caribbean lagers will satisfy your craving.

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