A Guide to The Caribbean’s National Drinks


Everything is rum and more rum, Caribbean national drinks are cool and refreshing as it offers a taste of what the islands are made of. Most Caribbean national drinks or cocktails are filled with the basic ingredients of seasonal fruits or vegetables mixed with rum, making it a tasty delight. From rum swizzle in Bermuda to rum and coconut water in Jamaica, you will enjoy the different choices of Caribbean drinks available.

Rums in the Caribbean come in different colors and taste and each have its own unique flavor that enhances to mode of the drinks. For instance Mojitos, this national drink of Cuba is made of a little white rum with mint and lime juice. Rum and coke (coca-cola) is another favorite of the islands. This refreshing blend is a great choice to start on your national drinks tour, as the sweet taste goes well with most meals.

Sugarcane Juice © by Food Trails

It’s remarkable how the island’s drinks have developed over the years to bring out the taste of their particular blend. Carrot juice, sour-sop, irish moss, june plum juices are some of the Caribbean drinks you may also try. Taste an icy cold Ting which is a sparkling grapefruit drink with a lot of zest, very popular in Jamaica. Visit Antigua to sample the famous Wadadli drink which is brewed to perfection resulting in light and energizing taste.

Christmas Miamism Mojito © by miamism

Fruity drinks like pineapple, coconut, guava or mango juices, will add that extra kick, as they are full of nutrients for you to go out on a hiking trip. Throughout the Caribbean, every island has its own variety of national drink that is often rum based of rum with a little sugar or molasses. There are popular health drinks and cool cocktails to enjoy just about everywhere, but in the Caribbean their national drinks have made it to the top of the list for you to enjoy while visiting.

Other Caribbean favorites are passion fruit juice, pumpkin punch, sorrel with ginger, banana punch, or peanut punch. And for your morning start up mint or coffee will do the trick.