Vieques Air Link


Vieques Air Link The island of Vieques is an old world Spanish island with great ethical values than any other destinations in the Caribbean. The gorgeous island of Vieques is the home of Vieques Air Link. They offer more than thirty flights daily to several cities on the mainland of Puerto Rico, Culebra and the US and British Virgin Islands. Vieques Air Link is a little Puerto Rican airline and has been a qualified air carrier since 1965. Offering personalized charter and cargo services for the more adventurous and vivid traveler.

The main airports that Vieques airlines offers flights to are Isla Grande and Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airports in San Juan, Henry E. Rohlsen Airport in St. Croix, Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport on Vieques Island, José Aponte de la Torre Airport on Ceiba Island, the Benjamín Rivera Noriega Airport on Culebra Island and the Cyril E. King Airport in St. Thomas (US Virgin Island).

Each flight is fully equipped with air-conditioning, two pilots and two engines. With safe and convenient travel options Vieques Air Link is a great way to travel for day trips, business trips, or escape for a day or two. Flying is the quickest and easiest way to travel to the surrounding islands of Puerto Rico. You simply go to your gate with ticket in hand and wait, but ensure you have a reservation.

Vieques Air Link has regular flights with the carriers having comfortable seats; there are no travel classes as this carrier is a small aircraft that holds up to ten persons at a time. Vieques Air Link also offers reasonable round trip fares to most destinations.

Vieques Air Link is the perfect way to take an exciting tour of the Caribbean, especially those near Puerto Rico. See amazing attractions and make the most of your trip. Travel with Vieques Air Link and make your next flight an enjoyable experience.