Caribbean Airlines


Caribbean airlines Caribbean Airlines Limited or Caribbean Airlines, is the national carrier for the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. However, most recently the airline has acquired the Air Jamaica Airlines through a major deal of combining Caribbean airlines. Since the start of its operations in 2007, Caribbean Airlines have been providing its passengers with world class travel. The airline is based in Piarco region on the island of Trinidad and offers flights to and from the Caribbean, Canada and North and South America.

The airline’s main hubs are the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad, the Norman Manley Airport in Jamaica and the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Caribbean Airlines offers two main classes of travel; the business class offers amenities such as, check-in and priority booking, business class lounge and baggage retrieval. While the economy class passengers are offered wide comfortable seats.

Additionally, Caribbean Airlines continues to improve and develop itself as one of the few airlines that still offering complimentary meals and refreshments, as well as two free extra checked bags. You can make a special request for a meal while on board. A movie is only shown on long-haul flights. Caribbean Airlines also offers cargo and courier services to customers, with the Caribbean, North America and Europe, as the courier service is called Caribbean Airlines Jetpak.

The frequent flyer programme for Caribbean Airline is called Caribbean Miles, where you can earn points towards ticket upgrades, discount at major stores or receive priority check in and extra baggage allowances. In addition, a bonus point system is set up for frequent fliers who utilize the services of the airlines as well as those of its allied airlines.

Caribbean Airlines has a theme song, in traditional Trinidadian calypso music style; also get a copy of their in-flight magazine called Caribbean Beat on your next travel. With its slogan being the warmth of the islands you are sure to enjoy your flight aboard any of the aircrafts.