Reggae Heritage Sites


If you are thinking about taking a trip to Jamaica, you may have several things that you will want to do and explore. Jamaica is one of the most sought-after destinations in the Caribbean. Boasting a sunny and warm tropical temperature, miles of beautiful beaches, elegant hotels and resorts and lots of natural attractions, culture and history, this Caribbean island offers travelers more than enough to keep them occupied during their stay. Jamaica is also the home of reggae and Bob Marley; as such the Island is home to several reggae heritage sites that are waiting to be explored.

If you want the opportunity to see a little more of this island, its diverse culture and reggae heritage but don’t know where to start, below are a few of Jamaica’s best reggae heritage sites for you to take advantage of on your trip.

Nine Mile

Nine Mile is a quaint little village settled in the beautiful hills of St Ann, Jamaica. Located about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Ocho Rios the rural village is the birth place of Jamaica’s most famous son Bob Marley. And a visit to this town will give you a clearer look into the life of the reggae icon. When you visit you will get to enjoy a scenic drive through the lush green paradise of fern gully before reaching the village where thousands of visitors journey to pay their respects to the King of Reggae. Nine Mile’s popular tourist attraction is the final resting place of the reggae icon the Bob Marley Mausoleum. And your trip to the village will allow you to see many historical artifacts, including guitars, awards and photographs of the reggae king. Your visit to Nine Mile will also let you listen to reggae in its original context.

Peter Tosh Monument

Western Jamaica is where you can find the Peter Tosh Monument. Located to the south of Negril in Bluefields, the monument of the “The Steppin’ Razor” as Tosh was called is a small mausoleum that is the final resting place of Peter Tosh. The legendary singer and music maker was a former “Wailers” and band mate of the late Bob Marley. The Peter Tosh Monument features an incomplete library, a modest home and a museum all of which are centered around the grave of the man who helped to bring reggae music to the world.

Peter Tosh Monument

Bob Marley Museum

Dedicated in the memory of the late Reggae sensation Bob Marley, the Bob Marley Museum is a must visit for anyone who loves reggae, Bob Marley and wants to learn more about the music icon. Located at 56 Hope Road in Kingston, the museum is housed at the former residence of the late singer. The museum is one of Kingston’s most visited attractions, and the building was Marley’s home until his death in 1981. When you visit the Bob Marley Museum, you will get to see every aspect of the life of the legend as you will go on an informative guided tour that highlights the musical legacy of the icon.
bob marley museum

The museum features displays on the life and achievements of Marley and you will get to see several artifacts, memorabilia, writings, photographs and other mementos of the reggae king. You will also get to explore Tuff Gong recording studio Marley’s original studio where he recorded many of his songs, a well-equipped 80-seat theatre which shows footage of the singer, a photographic gallery with rare photos of Marley and his family, and a gift shop selling Bob Marley memorabilia.

So on your next trip to Jamaica, you should take some time out of your schedule to get to know more about the amazing genre of reggae. When you want to know more about the interesting history of the music, the island’s beautiful reggae heritage sites will let you get a more personal experience of it all.

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